Judges are civil servants

Judge salary: What is the "salary" of a judge?

The remuneration of judges is calculated, as with public prosecutors, according to the salary order R and the grades R1 to R10. Responsibility for the salaries of civil servants and judges of the federal states was transferred to the federal states in 2006 with the reform of federalism. The Federal Salary Act continues to apply to federal officials, judges and public prosecutors.

The basic salary of the judge is determined by the grade of the office awarded to him (Annex III of the BBesG).

Which position falls into which salary group is stipulated in the federal salary regulations and in the respective state salary regulations. Judges at the district, labor and regional court belong to group R 1 according to the state salary law of Baden-W├╝rttemberg (LBesGBW), for example, judges at the finance court, higher regional court or administrative court belong to group R 2. In R 3, presiding judges at the state labor, state social or Finance court. As president of the local, financial or regional court, one is entitled to a salary of up to R 6 in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, whereby the respective number of judge posts decides on the exact grouping. Members of group R 6 are paid here with more than 9,500 euros per month.

The presidents of the highest courts in Germany in group R 10 have a gross salary of over 14,000 euros.

Judge pay according to judge's office

The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg serves as an example to clarify the judge's salary at the state level (as of 2020):