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You want your Renovate the bathroom? We give tips on how to proceed step-by-step: inventory ✓ draft ✓ purchase ✓ Planning ✓ Implementation and relocation.

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My bathroom fulfills its function, but ... Does this thought sound familiar to you? Many people want a modern and beautiful bathroom, but shy away from the effort and expense of bathroom renovation. Renovating an old bathroom and giving it a new shine - is it even worth it? Is it really worth it? We say very clearly: Yes!

Why should you renovate your bathroom?

On average, you spend 33 minutes in the bathroom every day. The bathroom is the first room you go to when you get up and the last room you leave before bed. If you feel uncomfortable in your bathroom or if you enter it with resignation, this has an impact on your general well-being. In the 21st century, bathrooms have become a place of retreat and relaxation. The private wellness area in your own four walls. If your bathroom is one of the boring wet rooms from the previous century, you are taking a piece of quality of life away from yourself.

A study from 2018 by the Association of the German Sanitary Industry found that there are an estimated 18 million bathrooms in Germany that are still never renewed were. The average age of a German bathroom is just under 20 years old. Two million baths are even older than 30 years. Is your bathroom also one of the older contemporaries?

Then his old age is reason enough for a refreshment cure. What was considered modern 20 years ago is now outdated and backward. Even good quality bathroom furniture and sanitary ware shows the signs of the times. New inventions such as soft-close drawer, easy-care coatings, lime-repellent shower heads and water-saving technologies were still in their infancy. Over time, the tiles will become dull, have an old-fashioned pattern, or may simply no longer suit your taste.

No matter what bothers you about your old bathroom, change it and stop bothering yourself with it! Sometimes you can small changes quite enough - in some cases one is complete bathroom renovation inevitable. Whatever work you need to do on your bathroom, we will help you with our step-by-step instructions every bathroom renovation project: from simply exchanging individual bathroom accessories to Complete renovation.

The inventory - what needs to be renovated in your bathroom?

Before you rush into renovating your bathroom with enthusiasm, take your time and take a close look at your bathroom during an inventory: the room quality, the tiles, the bathroom furniture and the sanitary objects. While you your old bathroom you should answer a few questions for yourself.

You should be asking yourself that!

At the top of your inventory are the two questions:

  • What bothers me the most
  • What do I like about my bathroom?

Closely related to them are the questions:

  • What needs to be removed?
  • What is well resolved, but should be replaced?
  • What can simply be embellished?
  • What is completely missing?
  • What can I do without?

You should decide that!

By answering the questions above, it will be easier for you to decide what exactly you want to change in your old bathroom. Would you like to renovate, modernize, refurbish your bathroom or all of them together?

  • Do you just want to beautify your bathroom? Then plan a renovation. This is the case, for example, if you simply paint over your old tiles to give your bathroom a new look.
  • However, if you want to improve something in your bathroom, then modernize your bathroom. For example, replace your normal shower with a rain shower.
  • As soon as you have to fix defects or damage in the bathroom, there is no avoiding renovation of the bathroom. The loo key has a crack? The faucet leaks? The hot water supply is moody? The light in the mirror cabinet is broken? If such defects occur more frequently and if there is also an outdated bathroom design, a complete renovation of the bathroom can be inevitable.

The decision of whether to use your bathroom renovate, modernize or renovate want has great impact on that Total cost of bathroom renovation. The boundaries between the three areas are of course fluid. Most bathroom renovations are associated with modernization and refurbishment.

Be honest with yourself in your decision! A superficial renovation costs less than one at first glance Core renovation, but all in all you will pay more if you have to keep adapting your bathroom to your needs. Half-hearted solutions do not help you to feel good either. To whom a bathroom renovation is still going on at the moment too expensive you should save and add small, sparkling highlights to your dreary bathroom for the moment with bathroom accessories or plants.

Note: Do you want to renovate your bathroom in a rented apartment? What you need to know: As long as your bathroom is functional and not showing any damage such as broken tiles or mold, you cannot ask your landlord to renovate the bathroom. Age or unsightly appearance are not considered defects. Likewise, the landlord may not force you to embellish the bathroom. Rigid renovation periods are generally ineffective in rental contracts. At the same time, he cannot forbid you to renovate the bathroom yourself. Nevertheless, it is advisable to discuss the plans with the apartment or house owner beforehand. He may contribute to the costs or refrain from future rent increases.

The design - what should your bathroom look like after the renovation?

Every construction project needs a draft. In this you record how your new bathroom should be constructed, what style it should have and how the future bathroom design should be designed. If you still need suggestions for the design of your dream bathroom, we recommend our blog article on bathroom design.

Look for clever furnishing concepts!

Every bathroom has its own spatial characteristics (sloping roof, tube bath, windowless, very spacious, etc.). At the same time, very different needs are placed on the bathroom. Will it be used by a single person, a shared flat, a couple, a family or a senior citizen? In order to use the space ideally, it is necessary well thought-out room concepts. Small bathrooms in particular require very individual and creative bathroom solutions, as you can see in our guide: Skilfully design and furnish a small bathroom! can read.

But no matter whether small or large - actively search for ideas for your new bathroom. Scour the Internet, leaf through catalogs or visit bathroom exhibitions and be inspired, for example by our blog article Modern Bathrooms.

Tip: If you would prefer to have a specialist responsible for setting up your bathroom, then you can contact a bathroom planner. Many bathroom planners even undertake the complete renovation: from planning to implementation. Such an all-round carefree package has many advantages, but can also mean higher costs.

Make a sketch!

Put the ideas you have found on paper or use one virtual bathroom planner such as the bathroom planner from Villeroy & Boch. When redistributing your bathroom, you can mentally divide the room into three areas: the washing area, the toilet and the shower / bathtub. Go from area to area in your mind and think about what you need and where. So you can decide where you should install cabinets, shelves or bathroom accessories. If you would like to know more about bathroom planning, read our bathroom planning guide - Would you like to plan your new bathroom ?.

Tip: Feel free to make several sketches and let them rest for a few days before you decide on one.

Choosing the inventory - what would you like to buy for your dream bathroom?

Do you have a rough idea of ​​how your future wellness bathroom should be equipped? Then it will now be specific: Go in search of matching bathroom furniture, Sanitary objects, tiles or wall colors and light sources. The choice of inventory has a major impact on the cost of bathroom renovation. It is best to set a fixed budget for the inventory in advance so that you can keep track of the costs. But do not save at the wrong end when buying the inventory: Your renovated bathroom should depreciate for the next 20 years, so pay attention to it Quality and ease of care!

Tip: It is better to save costs by comparing prices. It can be very worthwhile to order bathroom furniture or bathroom ceramics online instead of buying them on site.

Bathroom furniture

Which bathroom furniture can it be? Here you are very likely spoiled for choice. In any case, they should be functional and practical as well as offer sufficient storage space, because order in the bathroom is a great feel-good factor.

A mirror belongs in every well-equipped bathroom (we recommend a mirror cabinet and a vanity unit with base unit. Other bathroom furniture such as bathroom tall cabinets, bathroom midi cabinets, bathroom wall cabinets or bathroom highboards are optional, but offer additional storage space.

Tip: If you want to buy a completely new bathroom furniture set, you should look out for set prices. Most bathroom furniture manufacturers offer more cost-effective sets in their bathroom series, which can contain a vanity unit, a mirror or mirror cabinet and an additional bathroom cabinet. On badmoebel-1.de you will find all the sets from Puris, Pelipal and Marlin Bad under the category bathroom furniture.

Guest towels, small cosmetic items or decorations can be placed on stylish shelves or tiled shelves or niches. Feel free to browse our shop badmoebel-1.de and let yourself be won over by the high quality and attractive design of our bathroom furniture manufacturers Puris, Peilipal and Marlin Bad.

Bathroom ceramics

Scratches or small chippings on sinks, showers or bathtubs can most easily be repaired. But there are also numerous reasons why the sanitary objects have to be bought new when renovating the bathroom. Perhaps you would like a bathtub at last or would you like a barrier-free shower? Have you always wanted a shower toilet? The same applies to the purchase of bathroom ceramics as to bathroom furniture: Pay attention to good quality! In addition, easy-care coatings for washbasins, toilets and bathtubs are highly recommended so that you can enjoy your dream bathroom while cleaning.

Towel radiator

Especially in winter you should have a pleasant warmth which is made possible by one or more heat sources. Much has also happened in the bathroom heating market over the past 20 years. Modern towel radiators are no longer just white and rectangular, but can be real designer pieces. Choose between a towel, a surface, a tube, a panel or an infrared heater. Or should it be beneficial underfloor heating for that certain luxury in the bathroom?

When buying the heater, you should consider the expense of installing it. The installation of underfloor heating, for example, requires the floor tiles to be replaced. If the radiator is operated with hot water, it must of course be connected to the water circuit. Electric radiators are the easiest to install because they only need to be placed near an electrical outlet.

Tip: Electric bathroom heaters are always ready for use and are a good additional source of heat. In very small bathrooms they can even be sufficient as the only source of heat.


Many people who want to renovate would prefer their bathroom renovate without tiles. Changing the tiling is very time-consuming, causes a lot of noise and dirt and is correspondingly expensive. If you are unhappy with your tiles but want to forego changing tiles, you have the following options:

  1. Paint over old tiles with tile paint or tile varnish.
  2. Cover unsightly tiles with tile stickers or tile film.
  3. Plaster unsightly tiles with a spatula and then paint over them.
  4. Cover the old tiles with (thin) new tiles.
  5. Dress up ugly tiles with drywall.

If you would like to beautify your future bathroom with new tiles, you can get suggestions in our bathroom tile guide or if you dream of a bathroom without tiles, then read in our tutorial on the seamless bathroom how you can make this dream come true.

Tip: Prevent mold formation in joints by using neutrally crosslinking silicone. It hardly costs more than vinegar-curing silicone, but the joints are more stable and stay beautiful for a long time. You can do without expensive special mixtures with fungicides.


The question of the right lighting is not only interesting for windowless bathroom owners. Basically, the bathroom is a room with very complex lighting requirements. When bathing or showering, the warm white light color is preferred because it creates a cozy atmosphere. But when it comes to personal hygiene such as shaving, facial cleansing or applying makeup, a daylight white light color is advantageous, and a neutral white light is sufficient for routine use such as going to the toilet. In addition, the right lighting accents skilfully put your bathroom in the limelight: Light can increase the effect of the room or emphasize individual elements.

Ideally, you combine different light sources with one another; complement your ceiling or wall lights with already integrated bathroom lights in the bathroom furniture. Those who like it extravagant can also bring luminous highlights such as shower and bathtub lighting into the bathroom.

Since changing the lighting conditions in the bathroom later can prove difficult, plan the bathroom lighting in your new bathroom to be sufficiently bright and with different light colors. In this way you have the right light available for every application and every mood.

Tip:You can read more about the right bathroom lighting here.

The planning - how should the renovation of your bathroom be implemented?

Before the design of the bathroom renovation is actually implemented, precise planning is required. Not only are the costs calculated, but a decision is also made as to which tasks are to be carried out by whom and at what time.

Cost planning - how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

The thought of that high cost of renovation is heavy on the stomach for many bathroom owners. After all, a major renovation can be very expensive. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any statements about the flat-rate costs of a bathroom renovation. They depend on many factors: size of the bathroom, type of inventory - simple or luxurious, are only cosmetic repairs carried out or is a complete renovation necessary?

However, there are a few ways to keep a good overview of the costs and contain them, as we have already shown over and over again in the previous steps. Here is an overview of our recommendations for saving money when renovating your bathroom:

  1. Work with budgets! It is best to set up an overall budget and divide it into inventory costs and workman services. So that you stay within your budget, you should carefully compare prices and weigh up what luxury you want to treat yourself to and what you can do without.

  2. Pay attention to quality when buying the inventory! Nothing is more annoying than when you have to replace bathroom furniture or bathroom ceramics again after a few years because they are already broken and worn out.

  3. Obtain offers from various craftsmen's businesses before placing orders. If a company can take on several craftsmen's renovation work, you can also save on travel costs.

  4. As a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you can take on some tasks yourself and thus save the costs for the craftsman.

  5. If you want to make your bathroom barrier-free and therefore age-appropriate, you can apply for state funding. Find out what kind of funding is possible for you.

  6. If you don't have the money for the renovation you want at the moment, save and wait with the renovation instead of improving your bathroom piece by piece.

Craftsman services - What work has to be done during the renovation?

There are very different tasks involved in renovating a bathroom. Depending on the scope of the project, you will need many different craftsmen. We have created a checklist for you, which work has to be done as part of a major renovation. Compare the list with your own renovation project. What craftsmanship do you need?

Checklist "Possible craftsman services for bathroom renovations"

  • Dismantling the existing bathroom
  • the disposal of building rubble
  • Electrical installations
  • Plumbing installations
  • Heating installations
  • Drywall
  • Tiling, masonry and carpentry work
  • Painting and wallpapering
  • Plumbing installations
  • Bathroom furniture construction

Tip: Of course, if you are a talented handyman, there are some tasks you can do yourself. But think carefully about what kind of work you really trust yourself and remember that warranty services, for example for the heating, are only granted if they have been installed by a specialist.

Timing - How long does a bathroom renovation take?

In your time schedule, you determine when which work will be carried out and thus you will receive an overview of the total duration of the renovation. Similar to cost planning, no blanket statements can be made with time planning. How long it will take to renovate your bathroom will depend on the size of the bathroom and the types of renovations being carried out.

It is best to create a schedule in which you optimally coordinate the various tasks and incorporate time buffers. Please note that there may be delays, especially if you have hired craftsmen from different companies or if you take on the work yourself.

Once you've established the schedule for your bathroom renovation, think about how you can make the time without a bathroom, especially if you don't have a second bathroom available. You can brush your teeth in the kitchen and apply make-up in front of the hall mirror, but where can you shower or go to the toilet? Maybe you can use the bathroom of your neighbors or you move to a vacation home or hotel in your area during the renovation.

The implementation - How do you get through the bathroom renovation time relaxed?

The time has come: your dream bathroom will come true! The planning has been completed, all craftsmen have been commissioned, the new inventory delivered. Then it can go. It is best to provide yourself with food for the nerves and relaxation music in advance. Despite good planning, difficulties and unforeseen things can arise in the implementation of any construction project. If you are faced with major stumbling blocks, don't fail. Think about your future wellness bathroom and get through the stressful time of renovation with good cheer. It is worth it .. You will get rid of the annoying bathroom theme for the next 20 years.

The new cover - how do you give your renovated bathroom the finishing touches?

A bathroom renovation is like building a house. When it stands, it's time to move in. Place your towels, bathroom accessories and cosmetics in their new home. With unusual decorative items and plants, you can give your new feel-good bathroom the individual finishing touches.

Tip: If you want to avoid a renovation, the right decoration can also be a great way to bring a breath of fresh air to your bathroom. Set accents with colors and contrasts and complement them with some decorative accessories that match your style. New pieces of furniture, plants, candles and textiles can permanently change the visual effect of the room.

Back to everyday life - so much nicer with a renovated bathroom!

Congratulations, you did it! Your new wellness bath is in place and you can look forward to it every morning after getting up and in the evening relax in it to end the day. The morning and evening routine is back to normal - only better. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed thanks to your new bathroom. You have earned it!