How is dust removed from the carpet

Do you clean it yourself or do you need professional help? Your carpet will look like new again

Carpets are great eye-catchers and ensure a good dose of cosiness in your home. Even if it feels nice and cozy on your feet, dirt is more difficult to remove from carpets than from tiles or laminate. Regular vacuuming is important, but only removes the coarsest dust. Stains in particular are stubborn and often only come out with expensive cleaning agents. These tips will help you decide whether the stains will come out with home remedies or whether a professional carpet cleaning is recommended:

Cleaning the carpet, but only with the right technique

Regardless of whether you clean the carpet yourself or get professional help - it is always important that the stain is removed from the carpet as quickly as possible - preferably fresh. You should never try to rub away or rub the stain away as this will only work the dirt deeper into it. So just pat dry with caution. When removing the stain, always work from the edge of the stain towards the center.

Allow enough time for carpet cleaning, especially during larger activities. The agents often have to soak for a long time and the carpet needs sufficient time to dry. Regardless of the type of agent, you should always test it first on an inconspicuous part of the carpet. If the material tolerates the cleaner, you can get to work. However, if the carpet fades or is damaged in any way: Please do not continue! But what can be used to clean the carpet?

Universal tip: Mineral water works wonders on fresh stains. To do this, simply pour the water on the stain and use a towel or microfiber cloth to suck up the dirt that has been dissolved in it. Again: please don't rub!

Carpet Cleaner Or Home Remedy - Which Is More Efficient?

The great thing about home remedies is known that they are cheap, effective and available in almost every household. They are natural and have proven themselves over generations.

Baking powder:

Thanks to the sodium it contains, baking soda is a real miracle cure for all types of stains and dirt. It also drives away bad smells. Simply sprinkle the baking soda on the stain and then carefully pour hot (not boiling!) Water on the areas - this will only open the fiber pores! This mixture should now act for a few hours - even better overnight. You can then carefully dab off the powder. If the stain is still there, the process can be repeated. Vinegar can also be added to the water. But be careful: vinegar has a bleaching effect, so it is only suitable for light-colored carpets.


Salt is considered the ultimate remedy for red wine stains on the carpet. Immediately put the salt on the stain and let it rest. The salt soaks up the red wine and turns reddish in color. Then suck away the salt. Make sure you only treat the stain from the outside in, otherwise it will just spread further. If the red wine has already dried out, white wine, mineral water and vinegar water will help. Since these agents contain acid, you must first test the color fastness of your carpet in an inconspicuous place.

Lemon juice:

Lemon also has a bleaching effect and should therefore only be used on light-colored carpets. To do this, simply drip some lemon juice (from the bottle also works) on the stain and wipe it carefully with a cloth.

Glass cleaner:

Even with glass cleaner you can get stubborn stains out of the carpet. Spray some of it on the stain, let it dry, and then brush it out. You can use a commercially available hand brush for this purpose, for example.

Shaving cream:

Shaving foam is the cheap alternative to carpet foam. However, it is important that the foam is not colored and does not contain any additives such as menthol. The shaving foam is applied to the stain, carefully incorporated with a brush and then vacuumed off.

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Carpet foam:

Before applying the carpet foam, the carpet must be vacuumed thoroughly in order to roughly remove the loose dirt. Now test the foam in an inconspicuous place. If the color has not faded, the carpet foam is safe to use. Proceed as with the shaving foam: spray on, work in with a brush and then simply vacuum.

Nature helps your carpet all year round

When the spring cleaning is due in spring, your carpets should also be thoroughly cleaned again. The good old carpet beater is particularly useful when there is dust. It is important to only knock out the carpet on the underside, otherwise the dirt will be worked much deeper into the carpet.

When it's nice and warm in summer, this is the ideal time to wet-clean the carpet. It can then dry quickly in the sun, but be careful: the sun can easily fade the carpet, especially in combination with certain cleaning agents such as carpets. B. Lemon Juice.

And you can also freshen up your carpets in winter. You can also put your carpet in the snow. Simply lay it upside down on the snow and wait a little. The moisture cleans the carpet, but it doesn't get soaking wet and doesn't take too long to dry. If you are still unsure whether your own carpet meets the requirements for this cleaning, you should consider professional cleaning.

Can you also wash carpets in the washing machine?

In principle, this is possible and the bathtub can also be a good alternative. But please follow the manufacturer's instructions and do not wash the carpets too hot.

Larger carpets, however, suck themselves up and become so heavy that you can no longer easily transport them. They also take an extremely long time to dry again. So you should let the professional do it.

If the carpet was expensive or the stains just don't want to go out despite all the tips, professional carpet cleaning is recommended. In general, an intensive cleaning should be carried out by an expert at least every two years. Mainly because invisible vermin such as house dust mites or clothes moths like to spread out on the carpets. Not only does that sound gross, it can also lead to health problems such as allergies. Even toddlers can quickly come into contact with these bacteria by crawling on the rugs. That is why regular suctioning is important (at least once a week).

Whenever you wash the carpets with soap or even detergent, always make sure that they have been rinsed completely. Otherwise, the future dirt will be stubbornly bound. Wool detergents and dishwashing detergents are mild, but magnetically attract dirt and make the carpet fade and gray. It is almost impossible to completely wash a large and heavy carpet. So think twice about leaving your beloved carpet to a professional. You can now easily book a carpet cleaning via Helpling:

They indicate the length, width, number of soiling and the type of carpet in order to calculate the costs of a professional carpet cleaning. After receiving your booking, you will receive an information email as soon as a suitable partner company has accepted the order. And you already have a binding cleaning appointment!

One more tip at the end: If the carpet is clean, you should impregnate it afterwards so that it does not get soiled too quickly in the future. You can use commercially available textile impregnation spray for this. Simply spray it on the carpet and let it dry briefly. The carpet material is strengthened and the dirt that accumulates every day rolls off. Now the vacuum cleaner has an easy job!

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