How much do copywriters charge per word

Buy texts - what can texts cost?

The reason for this article is a discussion in the Facebook group "Copywriter Jobs" where there were initially negative comments about the fact that there were no cheap copywriters here Charge 1, - Euro. Out of my gut, still clearly upset about this group discussion, it was spontaneously important to me to create an article on the subject of “Buying texts - What can texts cost”.

Because, like most self-employed people with a properly running agency, I always don't have the time for things like writing texts myself, which is why I have my texts created by platforms such as Textbroker or by authors with whom I am in direct contact and their quality with a clear conscience I therefore know.


Good texts are more important than most people think!

High quality, unique, and readable text is extremely important for two reasons.

  1. Texts for the readers:
    Regardless of whether it is a product test or a blog post, the aim is to convince. Customers or readers must either have the desire to purchase a product or service, or they must feel so well advised or entertained that they wait as greedily as possible for the next text. Karl Kratz even manages on his page to write his imprint in such a way that it also entertains me without restriction and I like to read line by line.
  2. SEO texts for Google & Co.
    Google values ​​high quality content. Simply rewriting an article from Wikipedia or other platforms is not what Google wants. Unique content that answers all the questions you have to the readers is almost automatic, even without any optimization, SEO texts. Because if you place a search query on Google, for example, so-called “related search queries for the keyword” often appear below the search results. For example, after the search query “buy texts” the following other terms are also displayed: buy content, buy SEO texts, texts topics and structures, buy web texts, texts used, write SEO texts, write SEO optimized texts, buy SEO content.

The aim should be to consider both when creating the text. That means creating attractive texts with a high information content and answering numerous possible questions for the reader and thus automatically convincing Google of the high-quality text.

The country needs SEO texts

Of course, this topic can be described in detail using WDF * IDF and Co., but I don't want to expand this article too much. So here is a short form of the question of what to consider when buying SEO texts.

If you want to rank your texts in Google, you absolutely need unique content, i.e. completely individual texts that simply leave no questions unanswered and have not been copied from other sites in terms of style or content. If you take this into account, you will create good, high-quality SEO texts almost all by yourself. In order to further optimize these already fundamentally good texts, there are possibilities for this, e.g. again on Karl's page at

In my article, however, I will continue to focus on the topic of buying texts and not about how to create SEO texts yourself and what you should pay attention to.

Content agencies, copywriting platforms or direct contacts with authors

Where to take, if not steal? Stealing texts is a moral and legal no-go, and Google also punishes so-called duplicate content (duplicate content on the Internet). As I said, many simply don't have the time to take care of high-quality SEO texts themselves. Fortunately, this is exactly why there are various contact points that offer the opportunity to buy texts from other authors. There are more and more content agencies on the market, such as Wortalarm by Stephanie Ludermann. Any form of copywriter, regardless of whether it is a talented housewife or a trained journalist, can register on platforms such as Textbroker and offer their services there in the form of writing new texts. Some freelance authors also write texts for various agencies or companies. All three options can be good or bad.

Content agency, SEO agencies or classic advertising agencies:

One of my customers recently bought texts from an SEO agency for 0.17 euros per word. Even when you skimmed these texts, you could quickly see that these were not high-quality texts that were apparently bought by the SEO agency itself from one of the two large copywriting platforms. How do you recognize something like that? 300 words without subheadings, broken down with a single paragraph, do not indicate quality. After that, the reader cannot possibly know more than before and, moreover, did not feel comfortable reading.

We have already commissioned texts from a content agency where the price per word was similar and the quality there was excellent.

Copywriting platforms such as Textbroker or

Buying texts from Textbroker and is always a bit tricky and now and then requires a lot of correction loops. Because, unfortunately, among many good copywriters there are unfortunately also many authors who simply have no understanding of what a high-quality and good text is for readers and Google.

But once you have found some authors who can always be relied on, you can mark them in advance so that you have the option of placing special orders with these authors later in the form of a direct order. The prices are very cheap here, especially with an open order. Since even highly qualified authors can then take on texts with simple requirements, the prices are almost too cheap even for one or the other author. Depending on the requirements, texts can be commissioned with a word price between 0.013 and 0.065 euros.

Freelancer writers

In my opinion, almost the best way to buy lyrics. Word prices fluctuate between 0.04 euros and 0.13 euros, which is almost exactly the median of the two other options. You can find free copywriters either through word of mouth or, for example, on social media channels such as Facebook. There you can make a brief appeal about which topic you need texts and can then contact the authors directly. This also offers the possibility, for example, of having a few reading samples sent to you in advance and negotiating a fair price.

Price calculation of the copywriter:

What is a justified price for a text?
On the one hand, it depends on the actual text requirements. This means that doctoral theses are logically much more expensive (and, by the way, illegal! :)) than short press articles with less scientific content.

Here are two calculation examples:

  1. Simple 500 word article and
  2. a very informative 1000 word article

Example 1 | simple texts without much research:

For a simple article with 500 words you need about 30 minutes if you can write on the topic freely from your shoulder. With an hourly wage of 30 euros that would be around 15 euros, which results in a word price of 0.03 euros. Even if you like to pay an hourly wage of 60 euros, it would only result in one Word price of 0.06 euros.

You shouldn't ask too much of such an article.

Example 2 | high-quality and time-consuming texts:

An approx. 1000 word long text for a detailed test report that is really high quality and answers all the important questions for the reader, and which has also been optimized for SEO, should be written within 1.5 hours and 2 hours. Of course, it depends on how well you are familiar with this topic. Here you should rather calculate a minimum hourly rate of 60 euros. Such a text would therefore cost 90 to 120 euros. What a Price per word from 0.09 - 0.12 euros would correspond.

My conclusion on buying texts and justified prices:

From my point of view, all word prices between 5 and 13 cents depending on the result are absolutely justified and fair. With some special topics the price per word can go up to 20 cents, but prices over 50 cents per word are definitely a rip-off and therefore strongly discouraged from creating a text!

I hope to have provided a little clarity on the subject of buying texts and justifiable prices and am available for questions or discussions via the comment field!