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We make it easy for you to find a PHP developer in Eastern Europe

Finding and hiring a PHP programmer can be quite a challenge for some companies. But not for us. We have developed a strict hiring process to properly screen our PHP developers in Eastern Europe. In addition to our theoretical tests, our developers must also demonstrate their practical, hands-on PHP development experience.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that was primarily designed for web development, but is also used as a universal programming language. Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP is used on millions of businesses, large and small, most notably Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

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The high demand for PHP developers

The facts are clear. The demand for highly skilled PHP development talent is higher than the supply. This creates a huge shortage in the market. Our mission is simple: We seek, find and hire the best PHP programmers in Eastern Europe. In this way we ensure our customers the strategic advantage. Here you can find your PHP developer

In the heart of Eastern Europe

Why Eastern Europe? And why Romania? Geographically we had a lot of opportunities, but we made a conscious decision to open our first office in Romania. We believe that Romania has many advantages: excellent software developers, fast internet, the general quality of life, and employees who are used to communicating in perfect English.

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We keep our employees happy

Many companies say they care about the wellbeing of their employees. This is only actually the case with a few. Our business is 100% about finding and keeping the best developers. Without employees, we don't have a business, so it is our stated goal to keep them happy.

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Are there any upfront recruiting or contract costs when hiring PHP developers with TE?

Yes. We require an initial deposit that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you have hired your PHP developers. If you choose not to advance, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Can I exchange one resource for another?

Yes. While we rigorously examine our resources to ensure they meet your needs, we know that not every developer is a good fit for every company.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We mainly work with ACH, bank transfers and usually work with EUR, CHF, USD and GBP. We accept all major credit cards for smaller amounts.

Who Owns the Legal Rights of Work Created by My PHP Developers?

You, the customer. Our team works directly for you, and upon full payment, you own all of TE's IP, rights, products and code.

Where are your PHP developers?

All our

Why don't you allow PHP developers to work from home or remotely?

TE is known for its safety. Remote working and freelancing is a great concept, but our customers, Fortune 500 companies and governments in particular, are keen to ensure that the IP that their PHP developers are working on is stored securely.

How much budget should I plan to hire a PHP developer with Team Extension?

We don't compete for price, we compete for quality. The market for PHP developers is in high demand and there aren't enough PHP developers to move. Simple economy, you could say. This means that prices are high all over the world regardless of location. We employ your PHP developer directly (on your behalf). We pay all labor income taxes and employment contributions to the state. No problem for you. No complicated formalities and administrative work.

Who will manage my PHP developer?

You. This is a great benefit for you and our PHP developers. You work directly together. For this reason, we usually let our customers manage their PHP developers directly. You know your PHP application better than anyone. On request, we can also take over the project management for your PHP developers.

Can my PHP programmers work from our company offices?

Yes. The provision of PHP developer staff on site is possible on request. All TE developers have the final say on the relocation because happy developers are a top priority. All living expenses and moving expenses are passed on to the customer. This arrangement works best for 3-6 months. Customers seeking long-term on-site relocation should let TE know in advance so that we can hire specific PHP candidates who are looking for relocation.

Are you doing QA? What about CS?

Yes. Think of us as an extension of your team. For quality assurance, we carry out a free QA smoke test for your PHP application. We strongly recommend that you reserve for a dedicated QA within your budget. For CS, we also have resources available to do the CS of your PHP application.

What tools does Team Extension typically use?

Team Extension uses Git, GitHub, Jira, Slack for communication. We also invite you to our Slack channel.

We use special tools in our company. VPN etc. Could my PHP developer use them too?

Yes, we can / will use VPN, and yes, you can use the tools your company uses and share them with us. If training is required, please take this into account when onboarding your PHP developers. If licenses are required, please ensure that you are purchasing licenses for the software in question for the developer.

How do i start? How do I hire my PHP resource?

Great news! Just go to https://teamextension.at/get-started/de. Just fill out the form and one of our experts will write you back within 24-48 hours to set up your account.

I am interested in reading more about PHP!

We actively write about PHP development and news. Just go to our blog at https://teamextension.blog/?s=php

I am a skilled PHP developer, interested in working with TE. Where do I apply?

We are constantly recruiting talented PHP developers, just go to https://teamextension.careers to find out about our open positions.


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