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goose bumps (2015)


The monsters step out of a children's book series into real life in this American fantasy comedy.Critic Film Rating: 3 / 5
User film rating [?]:3.0 / 5

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The teenager Zach (Dylan Minnette) reluctantly moves with his mother from New York to the provincial town of Madison, Delaware. The only bright spot in his new life is the girl Hannah (Odeya Rush), who lives in the house next door. But her bad father (Jack Black) forbids contact and doesn't let Hannah go to school either. Zach worries about Hannah and secretly breaks into the house, accompanied by classmate Champ (Ryan Lee). In the bookshelf you will find the manuscripts for the famous "Goose Bumps" book series by R.L. Stine and break open a tape secured with a lock: A huge, grim yeti immediately grows out of the letters and chases the teenagers. Hannah is horrified, but her father manages to lock the Yeti back in the book.

Only the bad little Slappy has escaped from a band and is now gradually freeing all the other monsters. Zach realizes that Hannah's father is the writer Stine himself and challenges him to replace the books Slappy burns with a new story in order to capture the monsters. But in this race against time, Stine needs the help of the teenagers, because the many monsters are already devastating the city.

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The horror fantasy comedy directed by Rob Letterman ("Monsters vs. Aliens") has come up with something special: A famous American author meets all the monsters he has created in his "Goosebumps" children's book series. They are tired of being hidden in the pages of his novels. They are led by the creepy ventriloquist doll Slappy, who [... more]

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Country:United States
Theatrical release: 04.02.2016
Director:Rob Letterman
Actor:Jack Black as R. L. Stine / Slappy / Invisible Boy (voice), Dylan Minnette as Zach, Odeya Rush as Hannah
Rental: Sony Pictures

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