What causes erections in boys before puberty

Physical changes in guys

Pubertal changes are largely genetic. When puberty begins, how long it lasts and how it ends, varies. Even in boys who are older than 15 years, the body can still change. Because development and growth also take place later (e.g. growth of whiskers, penis growth, voice breakage).

Even before it becomes apparent that puberty has begun, hormones give the starting signal for restructuring measures in the body. One of the first signs of physical change is rapid body growth. This changes the size, but also the proportions of the body shift. Not all body parts always grow at the same time - so the appearance can sometimes look a bit strange and awkward. But that goes away again.

Through an increased production of the growth hormone somatotropin (STH) as well as the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) - and under the influence of the sex hormones - the body begins to grow and the skeleton (bones) begins to mature further. Signs of male body shape (such as wider shoulders in relation to the hips) will become apparent. This is due on the one hand to the development of bones and muscles (e.g. increase in muscle mass, muscle strength), but also to the changed fat distribution.

NoteSome guys try to get more muscle with drugs and drugs on the internet. But hands off! These can lead to serious damage to the body! It is better to focus on a balanced diet and exercise.

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