What is an office used for?

What is a checklist, when and what is it suitable for in the office?

Checklists can make work in the office much easier. The term “checklist” has been in vogue for years and is used more and more frequently. This article explains what a checklist is, why it makes sense and what office work it is ideal for, for example.

What is a checklist?

A checklist is a listing of individual work steps that help to complete tasks. The use of a checklist is always a good idea, especially for more extensive tasks or larger, important projects.

The checklist thus has a reminder function, especially in the office, as it is much less likely to forget something. A well-structured checklist can always have a certain advisory function, as it points out possible problems and risks, for example.

When and what can they be used for?

Checklists are known from film and television from the aircraft cockpit, in which pilots routinely check all functions of the aircraft before take-off. These checklists are not there because the competence of the pilots is at stake, but just as in the office, so that nothing is forgotten and the pilots correctly rule out all safety risks before take-off.

A checklist is useful in the office for all similar, recurring work that includes several subtasks and actually runs according to the same or a similar routine.

Frequent routine activities as well as seldom recurring giving up are possible. Checklists are an important reminder, especially for rarely recurring tasks.

Checklists developed in-house are always a way of providing office workers with a certain framework for action and orientation that they can refer to during their work.

Some examples of the use of checklists:

  • What subtasks are there for planning the Christmas party?
  • How are vacation replacements to be organized?
  • What should be done in the event of illness of the managing director?
  • What belongs in the travel folder?
  • What is part of proper project planning?
  • What needs to be done to prepare for the meeting?
  • How is the open day prepared?


A checklist can be very useful and a valuable support for work in the office.

However, a good checklist for the office is only really good if it is constantly improved and updated. Because if the checklist is bad, you lose the time that it can possibly save.

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