What do economists think of income taxes?

Respect for the hard work of the citizens - Therefore: lower taxes

Respect for the diligence of the citizens

Income tax is the most important source of income among taxes for the state. It finances a third of the German budget. In 2016, taxpayers paid almost 239 billion euros in wage tax and assessed income tax * to the tax office.

The tax revenue increases from year to year to new record levels: The state benefits from the good economic development and the high number of employees. The income is now well above the expenditure. Last year the state achieved a surplus of almost 24 billion euros - more than ever since reunification. One of the largest items of income was income tax.

With the coffers full, there is no need to raise taxes. Rather, there is scope for tax cuts without jeopardizing the financing of the central tasks of the state. The middle class in particular has been confronted with an increasing tax burden in recent years - on the one hand, because taxes in the progressive tax tariff rise faster than incomes in the event of income increases, and on the other hand because the tax tariff is not adequately adjusted to inflation.

As a result of this development, hard work is less and less worthwhile. The legislature is asked to provide targeted relief to ensure that the citizens have more of their income. Respect for the diligence of the citizens.

* Part of the income tax that is determined by the tax office on the income tax return of the taxpayer