Which cooking shows do cooks watch

The 6 best cooking shows - these are the series you should snack on

Where do cooking programs actually come from?

Cooking shows are not a reinvention of Netflix and Co. One of the first cooking series was initially only broadcast on the radio. The US radio show "Good Food" starring Betty Crocker, a fictional character, became a real hit in 1924. Later the cooking show even evolved into "The Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air" cooking school in the first year around 47,000 listeners participated as students.

The first cooking show on television was broadcast in Great Britain on the BBC in 1937. Here the French chef and cookbook author Marcel Boulestin swung the wooden spoon in the kitchen for the first time. The first preparation broadcast on TV was an omelette.

Germany caught the wave of popular cooking programs in 1953. The first German TV chef was Clemens Wilmenrod and, as inventors, he showed us how to make toast Hawaii and stuffed strawberries perfectly. Every two weeks on Friday evening at 9:30 pm (primetime at that time) it was “Dear, cute people” and later “Dear connoisseur community”. “Lafer! Lights! Delicious! "With the chefs Johann Lafer and Horst Lichter and" Doesn't taste good, doesn't exist "with Tim Mälzer.

Back in the USA, the best-known TV chefs Julia Child, M. F. K. Fisher, Craig Claiborne and James Beard rose to become true icons with the cooking program "The French Chef" and had a lasting impact on the food culture. TV chef Martha Stewart is at least as well known for her cooking programs, magazines, cookbooks and kitchen items .––––

Since the first appearance of the format, cooking programs have by no means lost their sympathy - on the contrary. Cooking shows on Netflix are more popular than ever and don't just heat up the stove. So below you can look forward to the best cooking shows on Netfix and Prime. The best thing about it: Compared to the old cooking shows, you can decide for yourself when and where prime time is.