Is Jungkook's favorite color yellow

126 facts about Jungkook you did not know yet

Jeon Jeong-guk (전 정국), also known as Jungkook (정국), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer and producer. He is the lead singer, lead dancer, sub-rapper and maknae for BTS.

birthdaySeptember 01, 1997
place of birthBusan, South Korea
star signVirgin
size178 cm
Weight66 kg
blood typeA.

126 facts about Jungkook

  1. His nicknames are Golden Maknae and Kookie.
  2. His favorite number is 1.
  3. His favorite weather is sunny with a warm, windy breeze.
  4. His favorite colors are red, black (mainly) and white. (He has also developed a taste for yellow).
  5. His favorite foods are: bread, pizza, anything with flour, pork soup, rice, sashimi and sea eel. (He prefers to eat pork belly).
  6. He started learning to play the guitar after seeing Justin Bieber.
  7. In 10 years he would like to become the owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattoo artist.
  8. He doesn't like any other subjects besides sports, arts and music lessons.
  9. He can speak Korean, English and Japanese.
  10. He used to be very shy at auditions to the point that he almost couldn't sing.
  11. He likes to harass his hyungen ("older brother" in BTS).
  12. He doesn't like to eat vegetables that much.
  13. His role model is RM.
  14. He appeared in King Of Masked Singer as a fencer and sang “If You”, a song by BIGBANG.
  15. He and RM composed a song for the 3rd anniversary of BTS, “I Know”. They also sang it live on The 3rd Muster.
  16. He has made covers of Justin Bieber's song Nothing Like Us, Purpose, Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore, Troye Sivan's Fools with RM, Adam Levine’s Lost Stars and Tori Kelly’s Paper Hearts.
  17. On a vlive show, he promised the ARMY that from that date, November 28, 2016, he would study English until next year. His promise was kept and his English has improved.
  18. In a fan meeting he mentioned that he would prefer a partner who is older than him.
  19. He likes to play bowling
  20. He likes the computer game Overwatch.
  21. During his time as a trainee, he cooked glazed potatoes for the members.
  22. He said he would rather die than live without any passion.
  23. If J-Hope were ever to introduce his sister to any of the members, it would be Jungkook.
  24. He is a big fan of the South Korean pop singer IU and called her his ideal guy.
  25. He really hates being called an oppa (an older guy you're in a relationship with), especially when the fans seem like a (older) Noona fan.
  26. On September 1, 2017 (his birthday), he released a cover of Justin Bieber's song 2U.
  27. On January 16, 2018, he published a cover version of Lee Hi ‘s Breathe on her Twitter account.
  28. Jungkook mentioned in this interview that his preferred body parts are his thighs.
  29. In another interview, he also said that he liked his voice.
  30. In the same interview he said that he likes his passion.
  31. He produced and wrote "Magic Shop," which can be found on the full length album Love Yourself ‘‘ Tear ’. It is the second song he produced before Love Is Not Over, which was released on The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.
  32. He used to listen to My Chemical Romance.
  33. He owns his own studio called "Golden Closet" (Golden Closet Film / Studios). The name comes from Jungkook's old dormitory, which was basically a large walk-in closet and the first part of his nickname "Golden Maknae". This is where he recorded his covers and so on before moving to the new current dormitory.
  34. Its zodiac sign is Virgo.
  35. He is the youngest member of BTS.
  36. He attended Baek Yang Middle School.
  37. His hobbies include drawing, filming and photography, playing games, playing football and dancing.
  38. He has a habit of sniffing a lot because he has rhinitis (inflammation of the nose).
  39. He also wiggles his fingers a lot.
  40. His shoe size is 40.
  41. He likes shoes.
  42. He doesn't like tasteless things, insects, hurting himself or studying.
  43. In grade 7, Jungkook learned B-Boying in a club with friends.
  44. He has the black belt in Taekwondo.
  45. When he was younger, he dreamed of becoming a badminton player. In his freshman year of high school, he heard G-Dragon songs and then changed his dream job.
  46. He likes to read comic books.
  47. Jimin says that Jungkook smiles when he swears.
  48. In general, he doesn't like bugs, but he likes cool bugs like (deer) beetles. He had a stag beetle when he was younger, but it died because he did not take good care of it.
  49. The other members say Jungkook's room is the messiest, but Jungkook denies that claim.
  50. He likes to collect bluetooth speakers.
  51. He said that he usually doesn't exercise much, he only started exercising after seeing the bodies of idols like Taeyang and Jay Park.
  52. He is friends with Bambam & Yugyeom from GOT7, DK from Seventeen, Mingyu & The8 from Seventeen and Jaehyun from NCT (aka the '97 line).
  53. Things he wants to steal from other members: The knowledge of RM, the knowledge of Suga, the positive spirit of J-Hope, the persistence and effort of Jimin, the natural talent of V, and the broad shoulders of Jin.
  54. He likes matching outfits. He feels uncomfortable when his top and pants are different.
  55. He has a driver's license.
  56. He can play games on two computers at the same time.
  57. He thinks that V is most like him
  58. He likes to make imitations of his bandmates, especially Jimin.
  59. He likes to tease Jimin about his size.
  60. He said RM was a role model for him. He has mentioned how much RM continues to inspire him on numerous occasions, and he's the main reason he joined BTS / BigHit.
  61. At the beginning of his career, Jungkook cried when he felt he had sung a song incorrectly or well.
  62. He is a perfectionist and is very self-critical and meticulous.
  63. He has a song by IU as a ringtone.
  64. His favorite hero is Iron Man.
  65. He saw the anime "Kimi No Na Wa".
  66. He graduated from Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) High School in February 2017.
  67. Of all the members, Jungkook responds the least to messages he receives on his smartphone.
  68. He prefers to wear darker hair colors (black and various shades of brown). He thinks that unnatural and light colors do not suit him. However, he occasionally wears colorful highlights (e.g. pink, red-pink, blonde, etc.) in his hair.
  69. He once bleached his hair completely white, but changed it back to brown thinking he looked too much like a grandpa.
  70. When Jungkook first moved in at BTS and met the other members, he was very shy and showered late at night when everyone was sleeping so as not to see or disturb them.
  71. His solo song “Begin” is a song dedicated to the other members. He explained that the song was about how his journey began at the age of 15 (Korean age) and that it was kind of a thank you to his hyungs for helping him become the person he is today.
  72. Together with Jimin and V, he was voted one of the 100 most beautiful faces of 2017. That earned him a place in 13th place.
  73. He is very competitive and hates to lose, especially in things related to athletics and games.
  74. He is very athletic himself and is considered the strongest (after Jin) and fastest among the members.
  75. He is teased because of his rabbit smile / buck teeth in the group.
  76. He has the most ear piercings of any member. He has 9 in total (currently wears multiple piercings on each ear. 5 on the right and 4 on the left)
  77. Suga and Jungkook always joke that they'll open a lamb skewer restaurant when they retire.
  78. He likes banana milk.
  79. He is currently learning to play the piano. He is the third member to play the piano after Suga and Jin. (However, in a recent vlive, he mentioned that he quit because he had no one to teach him properly).
  80. He mentioned that one of the most embarrassing moments for him was when Jimin scolded him.
  81. He is sensitive to smell. His preferred type of scent is the soap scent.
  82. His BT21 character is a pink rabbit named Cooky.
  83. He has a small scar on his left cheek (because of an argument with his older brother when he was little to first play on the computer).
  84. Jungkook's stage name was originally supposed to be Seagull. However, he and the members as well as Bang PD decided that his real name best suited him.
  85. Of all the members, Jungkook had the fewest different hair colors. This may be because Jungkook had red hair back in 2014 and received negative comments and the reactions to his hair were not good. He took these comments to heart and it upset him. This could be a reason he doesn't wear light or unnatural colors today and is reluctant to do so. (However, his hair was dyed red during the ‘Lotte Family Concert’ and the SBS Super Concert in Taipei 2018). In early August 2018, he revealed a peach blonde hair color on Twitter. It was also revealed that Jungkook avoids coloring his hair because his hair isn't as healthy and he can't take harsh chemicals like dyes and bleach very often.
  86. Jungkook admitted that as a trainee he wasn't very ambitious at singing. He was more passionate about dancing and never expected to become the group's lead singer.
  87. In 2015 he recorded the song “One Dream One Korea” along with many other famous idols / singers. This is a song of hope and prayer that North Korea and South Korea will one day be united and end the long war between the two countries and the longing for peace.
  88. J-Hope got angry once and tossed a banana at Jungkook. Jungkook explained to Vlive that J-Hope threw a banana at him because Jungkook was hit by an A.R.M.Y. had received a fruit basket as a gift and he wanted to honor the gift. J-Hope thought Jungkook was selfish for fighting over the fruit, so J-Hope tossed a banana. He was shocked because he never expected someone as nice as J-Hope to get mad at him.
  89. They say he is one of those members who can cook very well. The others are Jin and J-Hope.
  90. Behind the scenes of the short film video “Euphoria”, Jungkook revealed that he enjoys reading ARMY theories. First of all, very complicated and detailed theories.
  91. At some point he would like to go on a trip with his lover.
  92. In 2018 Jungkook revealed that his house dog Gureum no longer recognizes him. This may be due to the fact that Jungkook is rarely home in Busan and Gureum cannot see often.
  93. Jungkook suffers from microvophobia (the fear of microwaves). He has confirmed several times that he becomes suspicious of them around and avoids being around and / or using them for fear that they might explode.
  94. He often refers to Jimin as “Jimin-ssi” rather than “Hyung”.
  95. He revealed that he wanted to get a tattoo.
  96. When Jungkook gets nervous, he often fidgets.
  97. He has said he rarely wore anything pink, but that changed because of his BT21 character, “Cooky”.
  98. Jungkook injured his foot during the World Tour for Love Yourself and was unable to perform for 7 days of the concert. It had to be sewn on the heel.
  99. Jungkook was voted one of the 100 Most Attractive Men of 2018 along with Jin and V, which earned him a 22nd place.
  100. His Spotify playlist is called Jungkook’s Favorite Tracks.
  101. Before joining the group, he was a handball player.
  102. He took 1st place in The Sexiest Man in the World 2018.
  103. He took second place in The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018.
  104. During a press conference for Love Yourself ‘Tear’ campaigns in South Korea, it was confirmed that Jungkook will be the next member to release a mixtape. He will be the fourth member to do so, after RM (RM, 2015), Suga (Agust D, 2016) and J-Hope (Hope World, 2018).
  105. He currently holds the record for the most viewed solo show on Vlive in real time in 16 different regions around the world; with 3.7 million viewers and 149 million hearts. This record was previously set by V, who had 2.5 million viewers on his solo show.
  106. Recently he became interested in writing texts. He wants to write his own songs and reads books for inspiration.
  107. His solo song “Euphoria” became one of the most successful solo songs in the music charts to be released by BTS.
  108. He has been a guest on several TV shows, especially Flower Crew, Celebrity Bromance, Let's Eat Dinner Together and King Of Masked Singer.
  109. Jungkook hates cigarettes (especially the smell). He once sent a message to his father asking him to stop smoking because he was concerned for his health. However, Jungkook confirmed that at some point his father had finally stopped.
  110. He explained in a vlive that he doesn't like to eat late at night because it gives him heartburn and an upset stomach the next morning.
  111. He is shy and introverted. (However, he has become much more sociable and sociable over time)
  112. His voice gets deeper and deeper when he speaks in Satoori.
  113. His nickname "Golden Maknae" was given to him by RM.
  114. Jungkook has stated that he is interested and has a moderate knowledge of makeup.
  115. Prior to the group's debut, J-Hope had left BTS and BigHit Entertainment when things got complicated. Jungkook cried when he learned that J-Hope had left the group, and he and the other members did their best to get him to stay and that they would not be the same without him.
  116. At Vlive, Jungkook stated that he learned English very intensively; he learned and memorized vocabulary and how to use it in sentences. His main goal in learning English is to become fluent enough to be able to help RM in future English interviews so that he doesn't have to do all of the speaking. He hopes to be fluent in a year.
  117. He is an all-rounder; he has a variety of skills and knowledge, and is pretty good at anything he does or tries. One would describe him as a “jack of all trades”.
  118. His favorite song from Map of the Soul: Persona is “Mikrokosmos”.
  119. He started boxing.
  120. He hears Billie Eilish; his favorite songs are “Lovely” and “Ocean Eyes”. He also wants to work with her.
  121. On May 7, 2019, he attended Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour in Los Angeles.
  122. He finds it difficult to pronounce the word “frustrated” in the English language.
  123. Jungkook's solo song “Euphoria” was broadcast on the American television show “Euphoria” on HBO.
  124. Jungkook has a trypophobia phobia. (The fear of small or tiny holes; especially if they are lined up next to each other)
  125. He has several tattoos, especially on his right hand / arm.
  126. Jungkook gets nervous and his ears turn red when he expresses his feelings openly.

Profile / fact sheet

Jeon Jeong-guk was born on September 1, 1997 in Busan, South Korea. Jungkook attended Baek Yang Middle School and the Performing Arts College in Seoul. Jungkook is the youngest in his family as he has an older brother named Jeon Jeong Hyeon. Jungkook initially dreamed of becoming a badminton player when he was young, but after watching G-Dragon on TV with the song "Heartbreaker" he was influenced by wanting to become a singer.

Jungkook auditioned for a talent show titled “Superstar K’s” third season. Unfortunately he wasn't taken on, but many agencies wanted to sign him. He was signed to Big Hit Entertainment and became part of BTS in eighth grade. To work on his dance skills in preparation for his debut, he trained at Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles in the summer of 2012. In June 2012 he was featured in Jo Kwon's music video “I’m Da One”. Before his debut he also worked as a background dancer for the disbanded group Glam. He graduated from the School of Performing Arts, a high school in Seoul, in 2017.

He made his debut with BTS in 2013 at the age of 15.Not only is he known as a singer, he can also dance and rap. Jungkook was also active as a dancer and singer in the early days of BTS. Hence, his nickname is "Golden Maknae," which suggests that he is good at pretty much anything - especially sports. When he was younger he had a girlfriend in his junior high school.

2013-Present: BTS

On June 12, 2013 Jungkook made his debut as a member of BTS (aka Bangtan Boys) with the release of the single "2 Cool 4 Skool". He released two solo tracks; the first was a pop track titled “Begin” on the 2016 album Wings, which was about moving to Seoul to become an idol and meet BTS members. The second, a track titled "Euphoria", was originally released as part of a BTS short film titled "Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder" and later as Love Yourself. Euphoria, co-produced by DJ Swivel, peaked at # 5 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Chart and was on the Gaon Digital Charts for 11 weeks.

Jungkook is also listed as the lead producer of several BTS songs, including "Love is Not Over" and "Magic Shop".

In October 2018, along with other members of the group, he was awarded the Hwagwan Order for Fifth Grade Cultural Merit by the South Korean President.

2015-present: solo activities

In September 2015 he took part in the campaign “One Dream, One Korea” and the accompanying song, a collaboration between several Korean artists to commemorate the Korean War. The song was released on September 24th and presented at the One K Concert in Seoul on October 15th of the same year.

Jungkook has released various covers of songs by artists such as Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, Tori Kelly, Troye Sivan and David Guetta. He has also covered Korean artists such as Zion.T, Roy Kim and Lee Hi.

In 2016, Jungkook was cast in the pilot episode of Flower Crew and appeared on Celebrity Bromance. He also appeared on the show King of Mask Singer under the name "Fencing Man" which aired in episodes 71 and 72. In December of the same year he took part in the KBS Song Festival 2016 and interpreted the song “I'm a Butterfly”, together with other artists of the “K-Pop 97 Line”. In 2018, Korean music broadcaster Mnet invited Jungkook as honorary director for BTS 'comeback show to celebrate the release of the album "Love Yourself". It was his first time as an official director.

In 2018, Jungkook took first place in Hi China magazine for 10 weeks in a row, making it one of the most popular celebrities in China. In a solo live broadcast in October 2018 on Korean streaming service V Live, Jungkook broke the record for the most real-time viewers in the website's history, with more than 3.7 million viewers worldwide.

During the first MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards on November 6, 2018, Jungkook performed with American singer Charlie Puth and later on the show with BTS.

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