What does the chariot tarot card mean

Tarot card - The chariot

Meaning of the tarot card - the chariot
The tarot card - The Chariot shows a figure standing upright on a kind of chariot like a conqueror or warlord. The picture symbolizes the time of change or departure. The tarot card - the carriage indicates that forces are being mobilized to resolve long-overdue conflicts or to finally push something forward. Two sphinxes are depicted on the tarot card - The Chariot, these two mystical symbols are an indication of the positive and negative forces that have accompanied us from the beginning of life. The tarot card - the chariot is ruled by the planet moon and the zodiac sign Cancer.

Interpretation of the tarot card - the chariot
The symbolism on the map means that the converging forces of fate always propel us forward. All possible projects are under a good star if you finally decide to leave. The deeper meaning of the tarot card - the chariot is optimism, unexpected good news, conquest, victory, success.

The dark side of the tarot card - the chariot
Something gets out of control, beware of hasty actions, recklessness and overconfidence up to megalomania.

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