Day care centers should have cameras

The day care centers of the NRD

Everyone has the need to pursue a daily and meaningful occupation. The day care centers of the Nieder-Ramst├Ądter Diakonie offer people who are not or not yet able to visit the workshop, participation in social life, education and help in acquiring practical knowledge and skills.

The legal basis and the mandate of the day care centers are derived from the Social Security Code IX, which in paragraphs 90 ff. Describes the integration assistance for people with disabilities.

Our day care centers are open to external users and to people who live in the houses of the Nieder-Ramst├Ądter Diakonie. Admission is possible after leaving school.

Day centers offer variety and stimulation: Here you get to know other people, you have many new experiences, you can try out new things. And determine yourself. The day care centers have special offers for people with autism and people with special behavior.

The offer of the day care centers also includes the support and care area and employment promotion. In all these areas, employees with pedagogical, nursing and therapeutic training work together on an interdisciplinary basis.

Locations of the NRD day care centers