Water stains a carpet

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Tisca Clean. A carpet that stays like new.

Spilled red wine, coffee, blood or blueberry jam - all of these stains can be washed off this carpet with water alone. A revolutionary technology and a beautiful carpet with the highest level of comfort. A new technology has made it possible to integrate effective stain protection into the fiber. In contrast to conventional equipment, the protective effect is retained throughout the product's service life.

Permanent stains on the carpet are a thing of the past thanks to Tiara Clean. Almost all types of stains can be wiped off with water.

The endurance test: As part of standardized tests, Tiara Clean was stained with coffee, red wine, shoe polish and chocolate ice cream in order to check how well these stains could be removed again. With immediate treatment, all that was needed was water; dried-on stains could also be completely removed with simple oxidizing agents such as those available in stores. As with all stains, it is important that you react quickly and that the stain is treated immediately before it dries up.

Caring for the environment

By modifying the polymer fibers in connection with a special fiber cross-section, the trick was achieved to significantly improve the cleaning possibilities of the carpet without having to attach the conventionally used equipment. This means that the cleaning function does not result in any additional environmental pollution. The fibers are also made from regenerated polyamide. The result is a yarn that is made from “post-consumer” and “post-industrial” polyamide 6, i.e. from waste materials. Thanks to a newly developed form of processing, it is possible not to have to send production waste, used fishing nets or disused carpets to incineration plants; instead, their fibers can be regenerated.

It is noteworthy that there is no loss of quality when the fibers are regenerated, as is normally the case with recycling. An endless cycle that enables countless variants of recycling, which conserves resources and prevents environmental pollution through disposal.

Comfort and aesthetics

A velor surface with a silky appearance is dynamic and multifaceted, a soft and pleasant to touch carpet. Its high elasticity gives it a high level of walking comfort, step and room noise are absorbed. A truly royal floor covering, both in terms of the functions to be fulfilled and in terms of its aesthetics.