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I'm gay and I always want to stay that way. Gay men in their third age

Michael Bochow

Hamburg 2005, swarm of men script
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One of them was born in 1925, had homosexual contacts at an early age and can look back on a fulfilled life with satisfaction. He is not lonely even in old age. Another, on the other hand, had been married for a long time, did not discover his homosexuality until he was sixty and hid it from his family and friends. How should he draw strength from a community that supports him? Whether gays are afraid of old age, whether they live lonely and hidden in the “third” age, whether they have a social network, friends and contact with the “scene”, depends on many conditions. The Berlin sociologist Michael Bochow, on behalf of the Lower Saxony Gay Forum, has investigated how their situation, which is to a considerable extent difficult, could be improved. He interviewed 33 gay men aged 55 and over for his study. The results are presented in the form of individual, easily legible and often touching life stories and subjected to an analysis. In order not to narrow the view, Bochow also asked some significantly younger men about their life situation for comparison. In the end, he formulates the requirements that result from this: on the gays themselves and their community, on social policy and on society as a whole.
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I. Notes on the third age, among others
Consideration of the older generations of homosexual men
1. On the social construction of old age
2. Do gay men age faster?
3. The trauma of the Adenauer period:
Gay life between the 40s and 60s

II. The structure of the survey and the composition of the sample
1. Issues of the study
2. On the survey method and the interview guide
3. To recruit and carry out the interview partners
of the interviews
4. To select the interviews for a transcription
5. Sociodemographic characteristics of the sample
6. At the beginning of sexual biographies of homosexual men

III. Gay men in their third age. A selection of interviews
1. Recipes for Happy Aging?

2. The 50s and 60s:
The possibilities of happiness
2.1 \\ "I mean, I have no peacock feathers in my buttocks
plugged in, but if that didn't suit you should \\ 't leave it \\ "
2.2 \\ "I've always had a good Guardian Angel, in every way \\"

3. The 50s and 60s: distant happiness
3.1 \\ "I didn't get mental liberation until I was 54 \\"
3.2 \\ "And I would definitely have become a Buddhist if that in
Europe would be possible \\ "

4. Is there any secret happiness?
4.1 \\ "It's not talked about, so actually it's a
Taboo subject \\ "
4.2 \\ "So that was not a moral peculiarity, because I was the one
from the animal world yes I know \\ "

5. Illness and loneliness
5.1 \\ "I studied ... I have Marxism, nobody has me
what to do \\ "
5.2 \\ "I've been in the fast lane for ten or fifteen years
lived \\ "
5.3 \\ "You can't necessarily say that the family is the ultimate
ultra, so really not \\ "

6. Marriage and family as an obligation to conform in the \\ "normal biography \\"
6.1 The threat of forbidden desire and marriage
as a safe haven
6.2 \\ "If you really need someone, someone is there too.
And that's a good feeling \\ "
6.3 \\ "And I think love doesn't necessarily have something to do with sexuality
to do, but if it is, then it is much nicer with love \\ "
6.4 \\ "I do not want to say that I am happy, but I am coming
rightly so \\ "

7. The old 68s
7.1 \\ "I wasn't one of the people who said, so he
emancipated gays are not damned \\ "
7.2 \\ "But the real thing goes to the gays themselves, that is, the gays
old story, out of the hatches, into the streets \\ "

IV. The liberality of the 90s

1. Contribute to the assumption of a problem-free coming-out
younger gays

2. The difficulties of coming out
2.1 \\ "Because I knew my parents, I actually thought
they react very differently than how they \\ 's then did \\ "
2.2 \\ "I have always denied it, and I always have
also lied to myself \\ "

3. The cultural standardization through heterosexuality
3.1 \\ "Well, that is one goal that I have: I want as much as possible
live a lot of time with my partner and ... also
grow old together\\"
3.2 \\ "Well, I've always been gay, but I just haven't got it

V. On the life situation and the life prospects of gay men
in the third age

VI. Lesbian and Gay Life in Old Age: Requirements One
target group-specific social policy

The author

Michael Bochow, born 1948, Dr. rer.pol., sociologist, Berlin, active in social science AIDS research and minority research since 1987. Numerous publications on AIDS prevention for gay men and the worlds of gay men, including: "Gay life in the province - For example Lower Saxony" (Edition Sigma, Berlin 1998) and "The shorter end of the rainbow - HIV infection risks and social inequality in gay men "(Edition Sigma, Berlin 2000), \" Homosexualität und Islam \ "(Ed., together with Rainer Marbach), Edition Waldschlösschen Volume 4, Hamburg, 2nd, corrected edition 2004.

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