Are Mexican men attractive

Degrading taboos for Mexico's women: But the men are allowed to do almost anything


Read on one side

An average of 250 to 300 women come to the institute every month, mostly wives who have been abandoned by their husbands and who are now sitting alone with ten or twelve children. "I just had another case yesterday," says Maria Carballo Cruz. "The woman, a haggard, sickly creature, had given birth to eleven children in fourteen years of marriage. The youngest was almost three months old. After all, the man, a 42-year-old bus driver, the domestic misery, the crampedness, the crying of children became too much: He went with one Young girls up and away. He'll probably marry her in another town and start a new life with her. It's common here. Mexicans just don't have a sense of responsibility. "

"What do you do in such a case?" "First of all, we provide the family with food and medication. Then we try to accommodate the children. The smallest is placed in an infant home, the larger in a day care center and the very large in a state boarding school. The children are taken care of, let's try to find the man. But it is probably easier to find the famous needle in a haystack than a piled-up husband in Mexico, because there is no duty to report to the police. If we find him anyway, then we try to Bringing the family back together or at least getting the husband to pay regular alimony. But experience shows that this does not happen again after a while, and that's why we give the abandoned wife the easiest possible job so that she and her children can barely survive. The woman always pays the bill. "

So it is understandable that the Mexican woman generally prefers an unhappy marriage to a divorce. From the role of the suffering wife she takes refuge in the role of the "self-sacrificing mother". The role of lover is taboo for her anyway.

"Mexican women," says Eduardo, who should know, "are about as passionate as marmots. Nowhere are there as many frigid women as there are hot-blooded Mexicans of all places."

On the other hand, men are not entirely innocent of this. The Mexican knows two completely different moral terms: one for the "SeƱor", the other for the women and the poor. Significantly, the term "puta" (whore) is not only applied here to prostitutes, but also to girls who simply enjoy love - and occasionally change men. For a "decent woman" love is always a duty, never a free choice. Plaisir is reserved for the man - and since the wife has to stay "clean" according to the prevailing moral code, he is happy. himself with his lover.

Too great, too potent

Oscar Monroy Rivera writes ironically in his book "The Little Mexican": "He always has one casa chica, an apartment for the beloved, for the 'other'. Four walls that are programmed to bring him to the destination of his most secret desires. Because he is simply too great, too powerful, too potent, too active, in short: too much of a man for a single woman. So much masculinity is impossible to be faithful to. "