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The Luna Chronicles, Volume 4: How Snow So White
by Marissa Meyer

Rated 5 stars

Marissa Meyer's "Wie Schnee so weiß" is the fourth and final volume of the youth book sci-fi series "Die Luna Chroniken". I don't know how this writer does it, but from band to band I'm still more in love with the story, the characters, the friendships, the romances, the tension, absolutely everything. And already after volume 1 I thought that it definitely couldn't be better, more exciting, more romantic, more captivating. And then volumes 2 and 3 came and both of them were able to take me with them and tie me up and now "Wie Schnee so Weiß" has definitely taken it to the extreme. Where does Marissa Meyer want to go with us? Into the book heaven ?!
The "Luna Chronicles" books are always like a meeting of a large family who love and support one another. I fall more and more in love with their characters, the plot, the mix of fairy tales and sci-fi and even a book life without the evil Queen Levanna and her evil followers is unimaginable. So I am all the sadder that the series is over. I could probably keep reading it forever! The fourth volume also lives from the change of perspective between the individual characters, in order to bring us readers closer to every storyline so that we don't miss a single scene. Actually, I'm not a big fan of changing perspectives, as this often disrupts the flow of reading, but with Marissa Meyer, these were used perfectly, so that the tension was increased immeasurably and the reader is actually looking forward to every storyline.
So much love for a book, or better written for a whole series of books, is incredibly difficult to put into words. For me, the "Luna Chronicles" series is absolutely perfect. There are no lengths, it should have been even longer. When there is a lack of tension, Marissa Meyer fills these scenes with romance and friendship. A series that I will probably read over and over again and that I will never part with! The "Luna Chronicles" have now climbed to second place on my list of top 10 series, behind my favorite book-forever series "Harry Potter".

In "Wie Schnee so Weiß" the reader has the chance to get to know another couple from Marissa Meyer: Princess Winter and her guardian Jacin. Also a very daring but wonderful combination. Winter, Snow White from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, has none other than the evil Luna Queen Levana as a stepmother. That winter survived so many years at all is a miracle. Or maybe this is due to her childhood friend Jacin, who was always by her side to protect and support her. For a long time, her relationship with Jacin has been much more than friendship for Winter, and Jacin does not find it easy to evade the beautiful princess either. Of course, her wicked stepmother has other plans for the "most beautiful in the country". Whether the two can still find each other and whether Cinder and her heartwarming crew manage to overthrow the evil queen and recapture Luna - you shouldn't miss that!

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