Is pizza a main course


Good recipe ideas for everyday cooking? A delicious menu for guests? Vegetarian dishes for the family? Here you will find fine recipes for every occasion.

Turkish pide with cabbage stalk

The topping of this pide, a Turkish style pizza, consists of a spicy minced meat mixture and a cabbage stalk and onion mixture.

Vegetable pizza with cherry tomatoes

With green broccoli, orange peppers, yellow corn kernels, red tomatoes and green rocket, this vegetarian pizza is tasty and very colorful.

Spinach Calzone with Burrata

If you close the pizza dough, it becomes a calzone and the topping becomes a filling. Fine, for example, with spinach, ham, burrata, onion and oregano.

Flat bread with salsiccia

Flatbreads made from pizza dough are baked with spicy sausage meat, tomatoes and peperoncini and served as a main course with onions and pomegranate seeds.

Potato pizza

Pizza also tastes good with potatoes. A slightly different variant of the Italian oven classic with potato slices, mozzarella, tomato sauce and rocket.

Pizza calzone from the grill

Ma sicuramente, a pizza calzone can also be made on the grill. Cover the pastry rondels with tomatoes and herb ricotta, close and bake until crispy.

Pizza with salsiccia

The coarsely chopped meat from Salsicce, the Italian-style sausages, gives this pizza baked on the grill a particularly hearty taste.

American pizza

American-style pizza, baked with tomatoes and grated cheese, is cut into bite-sized pieces and served as finger food.

Monk's beard pizzette

The highlight is in the dough: spinach and herbs are kneaded into it. The topping of tomato sauce with basil, mozzarella and monk's beard makes the appetizers a delicacy.

Asparagus Pizza

The vegetarian pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and green and white asparagus is quick and easy. Served with basil leaves.

Pizza with culatello and artichokes

These mini pizzas taste like summer in Italy: delicious culatello di Parma with artichokes on cream cheese. An easily prepared main course.

Pizza roll

Mix the minced meat with the onion, peperoncino, herbs, sugo and parmesan shavings. Roll in pizza dough. Place the bacon on top and bake.

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