Will eating green cabbage increase my IQ?

Eat Drink

Eten and drink hell, Liev and Seel tohop

Eating and drinking keep body and soul together. Country air makes you hungry, go on the trail of the culinary specialties in Worpswede and in the Teufelsmoor!

Anyone who previously wanted to survive the harsh living conditions in the moor had to strengthen themselves properly. Buckwheat pancakes were usually served when you had them, with smoked bacon and apple compote. "Knipp" (Bregenwurst; nowadays without Bregen!) With fried potatoes and cucumber was a step up and the moor roast with pepper sauce, boiled potatoes and beans became a feast. In winter the hearty kale is served with “Pinkel” (Grützwurst) and Kasseler, and in spring it is the season for fresh asparagus from the surrounding area.

Try it out, enjoy charming hospitality in traditional inns and attractive restaurants! A regional specialty are the “hut restaurants” along the Hamme river: Hammehütte, Melchers-Hütte and Tietjens Hütte. They mark historical stations where the peat boatmen once stopped to declare their freight, get provisions and take a break with food and drink.

Whether it's a restaurant or a small coffee temple, a rustic farm café or Melkhus at the farmer's, let the Teufelsmoor melt on your tongue! When the sun is shining, you can sit comfortably on the sun terrace by the water, in the shade of old deciduous trees or surrounded by historical architecture. The menu ranges from regionally down-to-earth with home-made delicacies to gourmet experiences for gourmets who love international cuisine.

We wish everyone a good appetite!