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ENTP · The inventor

Innovative, open, independent, curious, analytical, enthusiastic
Functions:Extroverted Intuition (Ne) - Introverted Thinking (Ti) - Extroverted Feeling (Fe) - Introverted Sensing (Si)
Frequency:approx. 6 percent of all men - approx. 3 percent of all women

Most of all, because of their extroverted and intuitive personalities, ENTPs strive to understand the world around them. They permanently absorb ideas, images and facts from their environment. They use the information obtained in this way quite effectively to assess and evaluate situations. With the exception of its cousin, the ENFP, no other personality type has a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

The ability to intuitively see through people and situations allows ENTPs to be one step ahead of others in everyday life. You grasp situations quickly and precisely, and intuitively determine which behavior would be most appropriate. Accordingly, they are quite flexible and can take on a wide range of tasks. ENTPs tend to be good at whatever they're interested in and have excellent problem-solving skills, often suggesting the most radical solutions.

ENTPs are people of the idea. They are reluctant to work out detailed instructions and they are also not interested in controlling others. Instead, they prefer to be innovative and come up with new plans and ideas. However, it is often difficult for the ENTP to stick to a project until its end. This property can mean that some ENTPs never finish what they start and jump from idea to idea.

Although ENTPs are more interested in gathering information, they usually have no problems making decisions and intuitively draw the right conclusions. In addition, ENTPs are eloquent interlocutors who love verbal duels with others. They enjoy discussing and sometimes even express opinions they don't share, just to keep the discussion going.

Impossible is just a big word used by little men who have come to terms with the status quo instead of exploring their own abilities and changing the world.
Impossible is not a fact, but an opinion.
Muhammad Ali

It is characteristic of ENTPs that they often appear as if they were lost in thought and hardly perceive their environment. They also have difficulty maintaining the correct emotional distance from people. It can happen that an ENTP appears overly friendly one day and cold and distant the next day. When dealing with others, they are occasionally impatient to rude and if an ENTP doesn't like someone, they usually make no secret of it.

The ENTP does not tend to be particularly empathetic. Therefore, when making decisions, he should actively encourage himself to consider personal aspects of a situation. Otherwise this can lead to problems for the ENTP. Because although the ENTP's logical abilities give it meaning and strength, they can also isolate it from the feelings and from others themselves.

ENTPs do not shy away from risks. You are not stupid, but you are certainly not afraid either. They rely on their strong ability to adapt and improvise in most life situations. However, this also means that they often leave unpleasant work to the last and then do everything at the last moment. Most of the time it works, but of course the quality of your work suffers.

Among the extroverted personalities, the ENTP is arguably the most introverted. It is not difficult to get in contact with him, but getting to know him really only succeeds with luck and effort. ENTPs usually have a kind of “inner circle” of friends who are particularly close to them. You can suddenly find yourself in this illustrious circle, but just as quickly outside again.

In summary, ENTPs are open, optimistic and inventive visionaries who are inspired by a certain entrepreneurial spirit. Knowledge is the greatest good for them and they spend a lot of time expanding their knowledge of the world. When faced with a problem, her great strength is improvising and quickly conjuring up a creative solution out of her hat.

The strengths & weaknesses of the ENTP inventor
Strengthen weaknesses
  • Competently
  • Quick grasp
  • Original
  • Excellent brainstormer
  • Charismatic
  • Energetic
  • Argumentative
  • Insensitive
  • Intolerant
  • Easily distracted
  • Disintegrated in practical details
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