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Danger Zone: The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

We looked for the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world and put together a ranking for you. Here you can take a close look at the horror. Surprise: Many of the most life-threatening jobs seem relatively harmless at first glance.

1. The window cleaner

Cleaning at dizzying heights in rain, wind and weather. You are exposed to extreme weather conditions without protection. Any gust of wind can mean your death if you lose control.

2. The circus performer

Severe broken bones and bruises on arms and legs are the most common injuries suffered by circus performers. They ride standing on horses, play with tigers, lions and other life-threatening animals and jump from daring heights without protection. By the way, most injuries happen during training.

3. The roofer

They hang upside down at dizzying heights of more than 10 meters. Every third roofer is seriously injured at least once in his job and around 800 roofers die each year as a result of falls.

4. The lumberjack

Woodwork is probably one of the most dangerous tasks in the world. The work often takes place in the deepest forests, far away from any civilization and the nearest emergency room. The insane weight of a falling tree can lead to life-threatening injuries, even with the smallest mistakes.

5. The stuntman

An actor feels the fame. A stuntman feels the pain. They jump out of ten-story houses, throw themselves out of moving cars and are often shot at. Stuntmen are the real heroes of show business, and they live darned dangerous.

6. The firefighter

They voluntarily run into burning houses that could collapse over them any second. Instinct says: "Run away, get yourself to safety", the firefighter overcomes this fear and is therefore one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

7. The deep sea fisherman

Every year around 24,000 fishermen die in dangerous work on the high seas. We know the sea as a vacation paradise. But for deep-sea fishermen it is completely different. It is not uncommon for wind strengths to rise to hundreds of kilometers per hour and fishermen go overboard.

8. The test pilot

You fly with helicopters and airplanes that have never been tested before. They make daring maneuvers to test the new machines under extreme conditions. It is not uncommon for technical difficulties to arise.

9. The professional diver

They move out when someone is trapped in the water, people are missing or maintenance work has to be done on power plants and clarifiers. The greatest danger is currents, bacteria and pressure differences.

10. The bomb disposal device

If the job title includes the word bomb, you can almost imagine the danger. The smallest mistakes are enough and you will vanish into thin air. During the entire career, only about 100 bombs are defused, but the smallest mistake can lead to death every time.

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For ease of readability, only the male job titles are given. However, the feminine designation also applies in all cases.