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Little Secrets: 5 Fun Facts About Jennifer Lawrence

She is an action heroine, character actress, and Oscar winner. Jennifer Lawrence (24) has millions of fans all over the world. And they just want to know everything about their idol. But even JLaw still had a few little secrets. In their biography they were revealed.

Her mother didn't want her to be an actress
Mama Karen supports her daughter wherever she can. And that was also the case when Jennifer was a child. But Karen, who comes from Kentucky, couldn't do anything with Jennifer's dream of becoming a movie star. Because she couldn't tell whether her youngest child was really talented. Even after her teenage daughter's first successes in New York, she remained skeptical. But Jennifer prevailed - and the rest is history.

Jennifer suffers from anxiety attacks as a school child
If Jennifer was a whirlwind as a child who romped around with her two older brothers, that changed suddenly when she started school. The actress described this experience to the magazine Madame Figaro Like this: "Whenever my mom talks about my childhood, she says that there was a light in me, a spark that constantly inspired me. When I started school, that light went out. We didn't know why." The now 24-year-old suffered from a social phobia and even took medication for years!

Jennifer keeps in touch with a disabled school friend
Andy was a boy born with Down syndrome who didn't have an easy time of school. Jennifer befriended him and always stood up for him. Andy's mother still raves about the change Jen brought about in Andy's life. Even as a global megastar, Jennifer never forgets her roots. Today she still spends time with Andy when she visits home. When she's out, she sends him presents.

A single photo changes Jennifer Lawrence's life
At the time when the then 14-year-old was in New York with her mother and was cleaning the handles of talent scouts to get her foot in the door, Jen was practically spotted on the street. A photographer approached her and took a picture of the cute blonde. That was the turning point. All of a sudden, agencies and model companies became aware of them. The first step was done!

Jennifer never wanted to be as famous as Kristen Stewart (25)
Kristen Stewart prevailed in the fight for the role of Bella - also against Jennifer. Kristen became the superstar of the Twilight saga and became famous overnight. The hype around them then knew no bounds. This also haunted Jennifer, who was glad she had escaped it. In 2011, she told telegraph: "When I look at Kristen Stewart today, I never want to get this famous." But then came the Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence's triumphant advance was unstoppable.

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