Why don't my lips stop peeling

My lips have been peeling off regularly for 6 months and are no longer healing.

Hello you dear helpful people,

I've had two problems with my lips for years, but in my opinion they have nothing to do with each other. They never bothered me much, but in the last few months that has changed more and more as the problems get bigger.

My first problem: I only have a lot of tiny white bubbles or dots on the upper lip along the "connection" between the outside and inside of the lip (i.e. where the lip alternates between "moist" and "dry"). I have the impression that there are more and more and on closer inspection some of them are now also visible on the outside, which bothers me a lot. When I run my tongue over them, they feel like little darlings. Strangely, I don't have any on the underside of my lips.

My second problem: my lip keeps peeling at the tip of my upper lip. The area is often dried out, I moisten it with my tongue, the skin peeled off quickly, turned white and then tore off at some point. When I drink red wine, this spot turns ugly black. As a child, I sometimes tore the skin off at this point, but not in the entire area that is now always peeling off. I now have the impression that the skin is broken on the spot. I wonder whether the area is now scarred by my previous behavior and the skin is peeling off as a result and whether I have to live with it now or whether it is simply due to dryness and whether and what I can do about it.

About myself: I am 28 years old, slim, athletic and I eat a balanced diet. At the end of last year my blood count was tested and no abnormalities were found. The rest of my body was also checked out, everything was great (I only say because I had read here that an underactive thyroid might be an option).

Can someone help me tell what to do and what are those white bubbles?

Thanks in advance! Alex