How many times have you married

“When will you finally get married?” - 25 disarmingly good answers

We all know it, the dreaded question from great aunts and old school friends: "So when will you finally get married?"

And we know just as well the trouble when we come up with the quick-witted answer the next day. So that this doesn't happen to you anymore, we have collected suitable counterattacks for you - so you can escape the interrogations about your love life at family reunions and Christmas parties!

Of course, it always depends on who asks and how, and how you are feeling right now. Whether the person is genuinely interested, curious, or provocative, you are the best judge of who deserves which answer.

The sheer truth

Good friends or close family members also ask about our love life. Mostly because we are important to them and they want us to be well. In such a case, an honest answer is often best - if you want to talk about it, do it.

  • I am currently focusing on my career / other aspects of my life.
  • I just don't have time for a relationship right now.
  • I haven't met the right one yet.
  • Getting married is not important to me.
  • I'm picky!

The handle in the joke box

Of course, if you don't feel like discussing your private life with others, that's perfectly fine. Try an answer that will make your counterpart laugh!

  • Why are you proposing to me?
  • Because Ryan Gosling is already taken.
  • We'd love to, but my lover's wife refuses.
  • Thanks for asking - my cats and I are very happy.
  • Oh, don't you wanna find someone for me I'm looking for a man who can read me poems in fluent Chinese and French, who loves to talk about his feelings, who wants to go shopping with me on the weekend and can cook excellent creme brulee. (The more unrealistic your requirements, the better!)

The diversionary maneuver

Another common scenario: Your interlocutor asks the dreaded question because he / she doesn't know what to talk about or because he / she would like to tell you about HIS / HER perfect life. The best way to avoid such situations is to start a distracting counter-maneuver: counter-questions!

  • What an interesting question! Why did you get married
  • Who should I marry?
  • Why do you ask?
  • Who knows. But tell me about your family!
  • Oh you! (Just laugh and change the subject.)

The self-confident counterattack

The question of relationships or weddings can also be daunting - who says we need a partner to be happy? Yes, even as a single you can be happy! And because that is almost unbelievable for some people, it's safe to remind them of it.

  • My independence is too important to me.
  • Thank you for recognizing my high standards.
  • I'm having so much fun right now that I can't worry about dating or getting married.
  • When it happens, it happens, but I'm so very happy too.
  • Only I am responsible for my happiness - and I am very happy with myself.

The vicious counterattack

Questions about our private life are often annoying, stressful or even painful. If you want to make it clear to your counterpart that you have heard this question often enough, then try one of these answers. Warning - the person you are talking to could get a little angry!

  • Because I just can't get enough of this question.
  • I guess I'm just lucky!
  • If it happens, you'll be the first to know.
  • And when will you finally get your master's degree in biology?
  • Oh, didn't I invite you to the wedding? I will definitely invite you to my divorce!

The next time your great-aunt closes you in a scented hug, picks you on the cheek and starts her interrogation, you'll know how to fight back.

And how do you react to such horror questions?