What is the average salary for a pediatric dentist

Dentist salary: how much does a dentist earn?

Dentists get a top salary - compared to other professional groups. But there are also wide salary ranges among dentists. In addition to our own salary study, we also want to shed light on a larger context here.

With an average net annual income of more than 40,000 euros for male graduates of dentistry studies, dentists are by far in the lead. In second and third place are male doctors and business economists with 37,000 and 34,000 euros a year, respectively. Dentistry graduates can hardly keep up with their average annual income of 32,000 euros. But be careful: In the underlying study by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) on the determination of salaries, all graduates of the subjects were included, including those who are not employed or retired.

Dentist salary range: Large salary range between practice owners and employed dentists

If you keep this in mind, it also explains why it looks different with salaried dentists. You can expect an income of 47,000 euros in the year before taxes and social security contributions are deducted. A trend can also be seen here: especially at the beginning of a dental career, dentists avoid the risk of having their own practice and the high investment costs.

Dentist work experience is essential

As has already been shown in our own study, it happens with the employed dentists especially on the work experience. According to Dental Magazin, career starters get a salary of 39,000 euros in their first few years, with four to six years of professional experience as a dentist it is 51,000 euros. Those who work for up to nine years have an average annual income of up to 61,000 euros.

Beware of generalizations

Despite the important point of professional experience, other aspects are also important for income. For example, those who have special additional training have an advantageous position in salary negotiations as a dentist. The region also plays a significant role, or whether revenue sharing is possible. In the end, however, many conditions have to be negotiated between the applicant and the practice owner.

Here you can find the results of the salary study we carried out, in which we paid special attention to salary satisfaction.

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