Where can I find crocodiles in Indonesia

Fallen into enclosure - Crocodile eats Indonesian researcher

In Indonesia, a 44-year-old researcher was bitten to death by a crocodile. Deasy Tuwo was supposed to feed the five-meter-long crocodile Merry, who lives in the CV Yosiki laboratory on Sulawesi. Apparently the woman who runs the laboratory slipped while feeding and fell into the pool of the enclosure.

The next morning, colleagues discovered something floating in the pool. It was part of the woman's body. The animal was anesthetized to recover the remains of Tuwo and to investigate the crime scene. Apparently the animal had pulled the woman under the water and killed her there.

Find the crocodile owner

The authorities are now looking for the operator of the laboratory to find out whether he had the right papers to hold the 700 kilo crocodile at all. According to local media reports, the crocodile was originally a pet of the Japanese.

So far the man has not been located. "He has to take responsibility for these horrific incidents," says the chief police officer Raswin Sirait. According to some media reports, the authorities believe that the animal was illegally kept in the laboratory. It has now been taken to a protected reserve.

1000 deaths annually from crocodiles

All over the world, crocodiles kill around 1,000 people every year - a hundred times more than sharks. There are many incidents on the African continent.

From RND / msk