Can a woman rape men

Assaults against men

Men cannot be raped by women.

Sexism Level: Macho

Of course, men can also experience sexualised violence by women, just as boys and girls experience sexualised violence by adults of any gender or women are perpetrators of sexualised violence against women and men. Statistical differences in frequency do not make the experience of those affected any less painful - on the contrary: traditional role models that per se see women as dear, weak and powerless, while men per se are powerful, defensible and strong, ignore real relationships of dependency and power. Above all, however, these stereotypes make it difficult for those affected to find a hearing and justice. Affected men report sexual assaults directed against them, encounter disbelief or are questioned in their 'masculinity' instead of receiving support.

Experiences of sexual violence occur regardless of gender - and for those affected it is difficult on the one hand and incredibly important on the other to find a hearing and to experience justice. Victims and perpetrators of sexual violence can be of any gender. But one thing is certain:

The perpetrators are always to blame.

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