Is walking a good exercise for seniors?

Despite Corona: You stay fit with these exercises

Gymnastics works like a small fountain of youth. It strengthens the individual muscles in the body, makes them more flexible, and promotes the interaction between the muscle groups. It also keeps the joints supple. Even at a young age, the muscles of physically less active people can shorten. The muscles that are stressed on one side can also be overloaded. Back pain, muscle tension and lack of mobility are often the result. The symptoms accumulate with age. Those who keep their bodies fit, on the other hand, have a good chance of remaining symptom-free, independent and mobile for longer. That is why gymnastics is also important in old age.

Despite Corona: gymnastics - possible anytime and anywhere

Back, neck, arms, legs: a good exercise program naturally stresses all areas of the body. At the same time, however, everyone can set their own priorities that are particularly important to them. What matters here is regularity. Beginners should practice about two to three times a week, advanced learners should practice four to five times a week or even daily. About fifteen minutes are enough for a training session. It is best to always do your exercises at a fixed time, for example before breakfast or while watching the news. This makes it easier to motivate yourself to do it.