How dominant are iPhones in your country

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Apple no longer reports iPhone sales by model, so we'll have to rely on third-party data to see which iPhones are selling best. (However, Apple had never given figures for individual models, since the last quarter only sales are on the balance sheet and no longer the number of units, Note d. Red.) During its annual press conference in February, Apple only said the iPhone XR was its most popular model but gave no indication of what that means.

However, an analysis by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) could give us good information. It states that the iPhone XR alone accounted for 38 percent of iPhone sales in the United States in the first quarter of 2019. The iPhone XS and XS Max together make up another 21 percent (sharply leaning towards the XS Max), and the four older models (7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus) together make up the remaining 41 percent.

Those are the best numbers we have about the popularity of the iPhone XR. But personal experiences make the analysis sound realistic: Of all my acquaintances who have bought an iPhone in the past few months, most of them have opted for the iPhone XR.

While CIRP's report only says something about US sales, it's easy to believe that the iPhone XR is doing at least as well internationally as the iPhone XS and XS Max. Outside the US, customers are significantly more price-sensitive.

Apple isn't looking for market share per se with its smartphones, but if it wants to make phones that people really want to buy, it should learn some lessons from the success of the iPhone XR.

Price, price, price, price

Everyone complains that Apple's devices are too expensive, even for a premium product. Apple is constantly talking about the value that iPhone and Co. carry, but a product that you cannot afford is a product that you cannot afford, no matter what its value. Apple has only tacitly admitted that the high price of its products in some international markets is due to exchange rates and tariffs, but even in the US, customers seem to be overwhelmingly choosing the least expensive new iPhone

The report from CIRP compares the current data with that of the same quarter last year, in which the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus each sold better than the very expensive iPhone X and together accounted for a larger proportion of new sales than the iPhone XR in this one Year.