Why did Cristina Yang leave Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy: Sandra Oh gives fans a rejection! No return for fan favorite Cristina


Big disappointment for Grey's Anatomy fans! Cristina Yang actress Sandra Oh rejects the cult series and will not return to the Gray Sloan Memorial.

  • In the 17th season of "Grey's Anatomy" one fan favorite returns after another. But Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang is still pending.
  • The former star of the series now comments on this in a podcast and lets fan dreams burst.
  • Oh, I'm very flattered that fans would still be happy to see her return, but she left the show behind.

In the current season of "Grey's Anatomy" some popular characters like Derek Shepherd or George "007" O'Malley are returning. Of course, fans of the series hope that other stars may jump on this bandwagon. However, anyone who has been looking forward to Sandra Oh's return as Cristina Yang can expect disillusionment right away.

The star, who dropped out of the popular doctor series in 2014, has now commented on a potential return on a Los Angeles Times podcast: "I love [the series] and that's why I appreciate the series so much - that I'm still being asked [to return]. "

"I left the show, my God, almost seven years ago. So it's closed in my head," explains Sandra Oh, "but for a lot of people [the thought of coming back] is still very much alive." The actress explains that she really appreciates that, but she has since moved on in life and has practically left the series behind.

And even if I understand and love it [that the fans are longing for a return], I've now developed further.

Sandra Oh about the fans' wish to return

This rather sobering news for fans is masked by the announcement and official confirmation of "Grey's Anatomy" season 18! The new episodes are expected to start in the US in the fall of 2021. "Grey's Anatomy" Season 17 is currently being broadcast in this country.

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