Are Fortnite bots real

Fortnite: discover bots - this is how you recognize them

Since Chapter 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale, you can now also play with bots and fill missing slots with the AI-controlled characters. But how can you recognize bots? Because this is not so obvious. We explain how you can expose them.



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Lately there are bots in Fortnite and especially at the beginning of Season 1 in Chapter 2, many players wondered why they made so many kills in the first round after the black hole. This was due to bots that Epic put into the game. We explain how you can recognize them.

This is how you recognize bots in Fortnite BR

Unfortunately, there is currently no surefire way to spot bots in-game. However, according to the official news entry regarding the bots from Epic Games, there are a few Features that clearly identify you:

  • If you are killed by a bot, you cannot watch it (spectator mode). Instead, you watch the closest human teammate. If there are otherwise only bots in the match, the game ends.
  • With bots you can no teams form in a duo or squad.
  • Bots cannot use vehicles. However, these features may be added in the future.
  • in the Creative mode no bots are allowed.

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As you can see, there are a few points that can be used to tell if a player is real or is being controlled by the AI. At the start of Chapter 2, Season 1, I myself was amazed that I suddenly made so many kills and then had to accept with a heavy heart that only bots got me at my gun.

Funny: reddit users rubygamer71 observed the behavior of bots closely and followed them for 3 minutes, as you can see in the following video:

He was able to determine the following behavior:

  • Bots build walls when they feel threatened. You aim at them with guns, but don't pull the trigger. If you are still close to them, they will have the build menu open, but not build because you are too close. You then just keep walking backwards.
  • It is more important for bots to stay in a circle to fight as an opponent.
  • Make bots no punishment movements.
  • you are bad at hiding.

Dataminer is another surefire way to identify bots Lucas7yoshi posted on twitter:

How to tell if you got killed by a bot in a fortnite match:

at the top right in the "you placed" screen, it will show the username and say INVALID after, where the accountid would normally show

- Lucas7yoshi - Fortnite Leaks (@ Lucas7yoshi) October 17, 2019


Accordingly, you should pay attention to the opponent's gamertag if you have been eliminated. In the corresponding screen after death you can see the name of the player in the top right corner. If this is followed by an "invalid", you know that you were killed by a bot.

How are your experiences with bots? Did you notice any other things that helped you identify bots in Fortnite BR? Then write it to us in the Comments!

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