Labradors are a smelly breed of dog

39 Dogs That Don't Smell | With pictures [2021]

Almost all dog breeds have a natural smell of their own. However, some of them smell a lot stronger than others. The following dogs are known to not smell:

  • # 1 Maltese
  • # 2 Whippet
  • # 3 Basenji
  • # 4 Briard
  • # 5 Alaskan Malamute
  • # 6 Yorkshire Terrier
  • # 7 Kuvasz
  • # 8 Beagle
  • # 9 West Highland White Terrier
  • # 10 Papillon
  • # 11 Shih Tzu
  • # 12 Kerry Blue Terrier
  • # 13 Portuguese water dog
  • # 14 Bearded Collie
  • # 15 Pomeranian
  • # 16 Dachshund
  • # 17 Labradoodle
  • # 18 Schnauzer
  • # 19 long haired collie
  • # 20 poodle
  • # 21 Boston Terrier
  • # 22 Lagotto Romagnolo
  • # 23 Dalmatians
  • # 24 Samoyed
  • # 25 Bedlington Terrier
  • # 26 Barbet
  • # 27 Bichon Frisé
  • # 28 Pont Audemer Spaniel
  • # 29 Spanish water dog
  • # 30 Bouvier des Flandres
  • # 31 Havanese
  • # 32 German pinscher
  • # 33 Siberian Husky
  • # 34 Saluki
  • # 35 Chinese crested dog
  • # 36 Short-haired Hungarian pointing dog
  • # 37 boxers
  • # 38 Affenpinscher
  • # 39 Tibetan Terrier

For clarification: There are no dogs that smell like nothing. Because all mammals have a specific smell of their own. [1]

Even the cleanest breeds of dogs can stink if not properly cared for. Just as every person can accept an unpleasant smell.

In addition, the quality of the food, oral care and the regularity of bathing also play a decisive role. Dog owners are therefore often responsible for the smelly smell themselves.

However, the following dogs are considered to be particularly low-odor.

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# 1 Maltese

Maltese are very calm, playful and trusting dogs. Since they are relatively small, they can also be special slightly bathed become.

Compared to other breeds, Maltese have hardly any excess skin folds. Dirt can be difficult to collect on them. Maltese therefore rarely stink. [2]

Fun fact: Maltese are very brave compared to other dogs. Therefore, they often dare to take one or the other jump that goes beyond their jumping abilities.

# 2 Whippet

Whippets are one of the fastest breeds of dogs the world, but just as much enjoy spending time on the sofa. Their own odor is also very weak.

Because of their short and simple fur, these animals hardly stink. Bathing can be a challenge, however. Because most whippets are afraid of water.

Fun fact: Whippets are more likely to have a gene mutation that many men would dream of. Because the gene mutation leads to an extreme expression of the muscles. Affected dogs therefore naturally have a bodybuilder look. [3]

# 3 Basenji

According to current research, the Basenji should die oldest dog breed be worldwide. [4] He is also considered to be the cleanest of dogs. And not without reason.

Its coat is relatively thin and very short compared to other dogs. It is therefore much more difficult for dirt to collect. The dogs therefore rarely stink.

Fun fact: Basenji cannot bark by nature. So that they can be heard when hunting, hunters usually tie several bells around the neck of the animals. [5]

# 4 Briard

The Briard is one of the few dog breeds that seldom stink despite their long fur. This is partly because these dogs are very little sebum to produce.

On the other hand, their fur is also considered waterproof, so that moisture cannot penetrate the skin. In addition, this breed is usually very loving and intelligent. [6]

Fun fact: Intelligence is a double-edged sword in dogs. Because they learn it faster, but they can also be more stubborn.

# 5 Alaskan Malamute

Arctic dog breeds are known to be great clean animals to be. They therefore stink relatively seldom. For that, they hair all the more.

The Alaskan Malamute is also considered to be very strong, loyal and playful. Compared to other dog breeds, its ears are also permanently upwards. [7]

Fun fact: Alaskan Malamutes used to be used as babysitters. The reason for this is their strong protective instinct paired with their seemingly infinite stamina to play.

# 6 Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers can have up to, depending on the species 50 cm long hair to get. However, because these dogs spend most of the day indoors, they very rarely smell.

In addition, bathing is relatively easy due to its size. Yorkshire Terriers are also considered self-confident, brave and playful. [8th]

Fun facts: Yorkshire Terriers are known to sneeze backwards more often. Instead of blowing air out through your nose, you breathe in a lot of it. The result is duck-like noises. [9]

# 7 Kuvasz

Kuvasz are the size and shape of a Labrador Retriever. your white fur is very different, however. They hair just as much, but they smell a lot less.

This breed is also considered to be very independent, loyal, and energetic. Compared to Labrador Retrievers, however, they are much more difficult to train. [10]

Fun fact: The original name of this breed was “Kawasz”. This Turkish term means “armed guard of the nobles”. Due to a spelling mistake in the scriptures of that time, however, “Kuvasz” has prevailed. [11]

# 8 Beagle

Beagles are among the 6 most popular dog breeds worldwide. [12] Reason for this is presumably their positive and playful kind in combination with their ease of care.

Despite their double-layered fur (top coat + undercoat), they rarely take on a stinking odor. In addition, they have a very keen sense of smell.

Fun fact: The term “beagle” probably comes from the French and translated hotly as “open mouth”. Because these dogs can make more than 20 different sounds. From a simple bark to a yodel, everything is included.

# 9 West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers were originally used as hunters. Nowadays, however, the animals are more likely to be "professional cuddlers”. They are also particularly loving.

This breed seldom stinks. The reason for this is their firm double skin. Dirt and dirt can settle much more difficultly here. [13]

Fun fact: West Highland White Terriers' curiosity is more likely to cause them to get stuck in objects that are too tight. According to legend, this is why their tail is said to be so stable. Because that's where they were pulled out earlier.

# 10 Papillon

Papillon is the French word for “butterfly”. Because their ears are shaped like butterfly wings. This breed is also considered to be particularly easy to care for.

They have very little hair and hardly ever stink. In addition, they usually get along very well with all other pets. This also makes them very popular for traveling. [14]

Fun fact: Papillons have such a weak hunting instinct that they often play with mice and rats themselves.

# 11 Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are among the most popular dogs for apartments and smaller apartments. Because they hardly bark, do not smell and need relatively little exercise. [15]

They are also considered to be very loving, playful and intelligent. In addition, these dogs can live up to 18 years of age.

Fun fact: Shih Tzus can sometimes get very long hair on their heads. These dogs are therefore more often "abused" by hobby hairdressers as guinea pigs.

# 12 Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terriers are great dominant guard dogs. Their protective instincts are sometimes so strong that they instinctively assess most strange animals as a danger.

Despite their dense and thick fur, these dogs are considered to be very clean and low in odor. Even when wet, Kerry Blue Terriers are said to rarely stink. [16]

Fun fact: Female Kerry Blue Terriers also have very long facial hair. Colloquially, therefore, there is also talk of a “woman's beard”.

# 13 Portuguese water dog

Portuguese water dogs only really became known through Obama. Because during his tenure he kept several of them in the White House.

These dogs also have a very robust and shaggy coat, which is not very hairy and seldom smells. In addition, this breed is considered to be very obedient and intelligent. [17]

Fun fact: These water dogs are often given what is known as the “lion cut”, in which the back of the body is cut very short. This gives the dogs a kind of lion's mane.

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# 14 Bearded Collie

This breed appears in numerous films. Back in the day, however, Bearded Collies became predominant as shepherds used. That explains why they are hardly afraid of water.

Despite their long fur, they rarely stink. In return, they lose a lot of hair. Otherwise, these dogs are considered active, intelligent, and resilient. [18]

Fun fact: Bearded Collies get so long hair on their faces that their eyes are often not even visible.

# 15 Pomeranian

Dwarf peaks used to be a Signs of prosperity. Because the dogs only had to look good and behave appropriately.

This breed comes in more than 20 colors. They are also considered to be very trusting, playful and odorless. They seldom stink, even when wet. [19]

Fun fact: With some dwarf peaks, the growl looks like a grin. Instead of intimidating, it makes the animals look even cuter.

# 16 Dachshund

Dachshunds come in three different sizes. The largest species used to be used to hunt badgers. So you are the one smallest hunting dogs of the world.

This also explains why dachshunds bark a lot and very loudly to this day. But they don't hair much and don't smell. These dogs also love to dig holes in the garden. [20]

Fun fact: Dachshunds are also known as "dachshunds". However, this term is also used as a curse word for clumsy, stupid and stupid people. [21]

# 17 Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is not officially a separate breed, but a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. They apply among others to the cutest puppy worldwide.

They definitely inherited the trainability from Labrador Retrievers. However, the fur comes from the poodle. Because they hardly hair and stink. [22]

Fun fact: There are more than 44 types of “doodle” crosses. Golden Retrievers and Poodles become the Goldendoodle. Crossing it with a Bernese Mountain Dog is known as - you guessed it - a Bernedoodle.

# 18 Schnauzer

Schnauzers have their origin in Germany. Her long beard was formerly used in hunting Protection against bite wounds their prey. Nowadays this is more of an ornament.

In contrast to other dog breeds, Schnauzers can lie in the dirt themselves without it getting stuck in the fur. That explains why they rarely stink. [23]

Fun fact: Schnauzers can literally tell from their beards what they have previously eaten. Because the white-gray whiskers take on color very easily.

# 19 long-haired collie

Long-haired collies used to be mainly used as shepherds. Their intelligence paired with their dexterity explains why this breed continues to this day numerous world records holds. [24]

Despite their long and double-layered fur, the animals are considered to be very clean. With proper grooming, they seldom stink.

Fun fact: Long-haired collies are known to stare at something for a very long time. In the past, this enabled them to point sheep in one direction just by looking. You can therefore expect intense stare while eating. [25]

# 20 poodle

Poodles are not counted among them for nothing hypoallergenic dog breeds. They have very little hair, have a faint odor and never smell that good. [26]

Otherwise the animals are very intelligent, alert and easy to train. Poodles are also available in three different sizes: Miniature Poodles, Small Poodles and the Standard Poodle.

Fun fact: Poodle fur never stops growing. This fact explains why you can find so many pictures of poodles with the weirdest hairstyles on the internet.

# 21 Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a cross between an English Terrier and an English Bulldog. They are also very calm compared to other dogs.

These dogs have very short fur and also very little hair. They seldom smell even when wet. Otherwise, they are considered active and friendly. [27]

Fun fact: The Boston Terrier named “Stubby” was officially made a sergeant during World War I. He also received several awards for tracking down a German spy. [28]

# 22 Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo is Italian for “Romagna water dog”. Despite their shaggy fur, these dogs are considered to be very clean. As a rule, they don't stink.

But don't let their teddy bear-like looks fool you. These dogs are very alert, strong and persistent. They can therefore also be used as a watchdog. [29]

Fun fact: Lagotto Romagnolo are also known as the “truffle hunters”. Because your nose can perceive the mushrooms even from a great distance. [30]

# 23 Dalmatians

Dalmatian is the only breed of dog that used to be as carriage dogs was used. It was their job to protect the horses and to alert the driver to possible danger.

They only really became known through the film “101 Dalmatians”. Otherwise, they are considered energetic, intelligent, and friendly. On the other hand, they hardly stink. [31]

Fun fact: Dalmatians are completely white at birth. Their black or brown spots only develop when they get older. [32]

# 24 Samoyed

Contrary to popular belief, the Samoyed is one of the cleanest dog breeds in the world. Because they care for their fur like cats. A smelly smell is therefore rare.

The Samoyed is also closely related to wolves. That explains why they cry more often. But they are much more playful and friendlier than their ancestors. [33]

Fun fact: The lips of the Samoyed are naturally slightly arched upwards at the back. It therefore looks consistently as if these dogs are grinning and happy.

# 25 Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terriers are often confused with sheep. Because their physique and fur are very similar. These dogs also apply as hypoallergenicbecause they hardly ever shed.

This breed is very clean. Even without regular bathing, these dogs shouldn't stink. Otherwise, the animals are considered loving and intelligent. [34]

Fun fact: Bedlington Terriers are born with a very dark coat that becomes lighter and lighter over time. However, if the dog loses hair due to an injury, it will grow back black. [35]

# 26 Barbet

Visually, barbets are very similar to labradoodles. your shaggy fur covers your entire body - including your face. It is also considered waterproof.

Compared to other dogs, barbets are very active and therefore need a lot of exercise. They also have very little hair, seldom stink and are considered very obedient. [36]

Fun fact: Barbets have a sixth sense for locating mud holes. Since they particularly like to bathe in them, they are also known colloquially as "mud dogs".

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# 27 Bichon Frisé

Bichon Frisé are very playful, loving and known for her cute looks. They also have very little hair, seldom bark and are often afraid of water.

The latter explains why these dogs almost never smell. Because Bichon Frisé rarely get dirty. And if they do, then thanks to their size they can even be bathed in the sink. [37]

Fun fact: Her name is French and translates as “pamper”. Because the kindness and care of the animals is noticeably strong. [38]

# 28 Pont Audemer Spaniel

The name already suggests that these dogs have their origin in France. Originally they were Pont Audemer Spaniels as hunting dogs used.

Compared to Labrador Retrievers, however, their curly fur absorbs significantly less odors. These dogs therefore smell much less often. They are also considered to be very loving. [39]

Fun fact: Pont Audemer Spaniels are keen rodents. When left alone, they like to “get to work” with furniture.

# 29 Spanish water dog

Spanish water dogs are one of the few dog breeds whose fur shouldn't be brushed. Because his Matting of hair even with the most thorough grooming. [40]

In the past, these animals were mainly used as hunting and shepherd dogs.They are also considered loyal, trainable and intelligent. In addition, the animals rarely stink.

Fun fact: Without a regular visit to the hairdresser, the animals' eyes grow almost completely closed. Many people therefore mistakenly think that animals are blind.

# 30 Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres were originally as guard dogs as well as used for farm work. Although their hair is moderate, their fur hardly ever stinks.

The breed also has a strong territorial behavior. As a result, they can be aggressive towards other dogs. They are also considered strong, courageous and loyal. [41]

Fun fact: The territorial behavior of Bouvier des Flandres is so pronounced that they sometimes even see scarecrows as an enemy.

# 31 Havanese

Havanese have a double layer of fur, but they have very little hair and stink. They are also very easy to train and are considered to be especially trusting and calm.

The breed also needs relatively little exercise. They are therefore ideal for apartments and smaller apartments. [42]

Fun fact: Havanese are covered with freckles under their fur. The reason is probably that the animals come from Cuba and were previously exposed to a lot of sunlight.

# 32 German pinscher

German pinschers are among the smartest dogs worldwide. Their intelligence is so mature that they can manipulate consciously.

This also explains why the animals need a lot of variety and are very curious. In addition, these dogs need a lot of exercise and strict training. [43]

Fun fact: German pinschers are known to never run. The animals either trot or run at maximum speed.

# 33 Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are born hits. It is not for nothing that these animals are also used as sled dogs. They also instinctively keep their fur clean and rarely stink.

This breed bears strong resemblances to wolves. You therefore need a particularly dominant master (“alpha”) to obey. In general, however, the animals are very friendly. [44]

Fun fact: Siberian Huskies can have different eye colors on the left and right. They usually have blue eyes. However, some dogs also have one blue and one brown eye.

# 34 Saluki

Saluki are one of the few dog breeds in which the females are significantly smaller than the males. They also have very little hair and hardly ever stink.

In addition, these dogs are very quick, extremely persistent and unusually calm. They are therefore also good family dogs. [45]

Fun fact: The Saluki can not only run particularly fast, but also jump very high. From time to time they “play” with birds in the trees. [46]

# 35 Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dogs only have a faint odor of their own and very rarely stink. Because the hairless animals can hardly collect dirt and grime.

These dogs are also considered to be very loving, playful and sympathetic. However, they do need an extra portion of sunscreen in summer. [47]

Fun fact: The Chinese crested dog named “Sam” has already gone home 3 times as the defending champion. As the officially ugliest dog of the year. [48]

# 36 Short-haired Hungarian pointing dog

Short-haired Hungarian pointing dogs are only available with a golden brown coat. They also have very little hair, are generally very clean and hardly smell.

This breed is known for its calm but energetic demeanor. They are also considered loyal and kind. That makes them very popular as a family dog. [49]

Fun fact: The eyes of short-haired Hungarian pointing dogs are blue at birth. Then, over the first few months, they will gradually turn an orange color.

# 37 boxers

Boxers can take on multiple sides. On the one hand, they are very strong and brave. On the other hand, however, they can also be very silly and playful.

These dogs also seldom smell. In return, their hair is above average and they need a lot of exercise. They are therefore rather unsuitable for small apartments. [50]

Fun fact: Boxers are more likely to stand on their hind legs in combat and use their front paws to box. That also explains their name.

# 38 Affenpinscher

Despite their size, Affenpinschers have a strong pronounced territory behavior. They are therefore not recommended for families with children. Because they can also bite when defending their toys.

Without regular brushing, their fur looks rather wild and unkempt. But they hardly stink. Otherwise, the animals are considered very playful, active and curious. [51]

Fun fact: Affenpinschers are initially blind after birth. Your puppies are therefore considered to be particularly cute and helpless.

# 39 Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terriers have their origin in - you guessed it - Tibet. This breed lives up to 16 years old and is considered to be very loyal, loving and empathetic.

The dogs can, however, be quite stubborn. If they don't like something, they often lie down on the floor. But they only stink relatively seldom. [52]

Fun fact: Tibetan Terriers used to be given away as good luck charms. Because they were said to bring happiness to families and neighbors. [53]

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