Where can I find my true soul mate

How to find your soulmate

Your soulmate makes you feel completely healthy and undamaged, as if no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-term companion, but is limited in their ability to satisfy your mind.

“A soul mate is someone who has locks that match our keys and keys that match our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our true selves emerge and we can be completely and honestly who we are. " -Richard Bach

Ah, soul mate. The epitome of love and partnership. In our fast-paced chaotic world of many different people, we roam more relationships than we'd like to find the one person who can really open our locks.

Not everyone can fulfill you the way your soulmate can. There is a world of difference between your soulmate, the other half of your heart, and a life partner - a person who lacks the elements to adapt to you perfectly.

Most of us stay in partner relationships because we are "content" for a variety of reasons. First, we may have a real unconscious fear of being alone. And since we're biologically designed to fall in love, it's only natural that we should bond in this world.

But sometimes we prolong what is meant to be temporary relationships and mistakenly grapple with them forever. There are relationships that need to last for a period of time to complete a karmic chapter in life, relationships in which we are meant to have children with our partner but not necessarily stay with them, and relationships that are just plain confusing are because a melting pot of emotions does not allow us to see our destined path.

I've seen all of this in my practice as a psychologist, from couples who married their childhood loves to people in their retirement years who are still struggling with connection issues. Most of us fall somewhere between these two extremes, which means we've experienced multiple relationships before we found the person we believe is our perfect match.

Whether you are currently married, in a relationship, or are considering entering into a relationship with a new feeling of love, it is important that you know what role this person will play in your life. Because the inevitable, often uncomfortable question that we have to ask ourselves cannot be avoided: Is this the person I was fated to share my life with? Or did I get into a relationship too quickly with someone who can never complete me?

Regardless of the category you fit into, there are several clues that clearly outline a kinship (or lack of bond) between you and your partner. As you read through this list, think about your partner or potential partner and assess whether they meet the soulmate criteria.

The 10 elements of a soulmate

1. There is something inside

Describing how a soul mate makes you feel like you is difficult. It's a stubborn, deep, and persistent emotion that no words can include. You can only feel it and not describe to anyone what it looks like. You may have asked yourself questions like “How will I know who is the right one?”, “How do people decide to marry and spend their whole life with this person?”. This feeling can only be experienced internally and you cannot describe it to anyone, but you can show it to your soulmate through life.

2. Reviews

If your partner is your soulmate, chances are he or she was with you in your previous life. Soulmates often choose to get back together during the same lifetime and watch each other out in the big world. You could suddenly and briefly experience memories of your soulmate. You might even get a strange sense of déjà vu, as if the moment of time had already happened, maybe a long time ago, maybe in a different setting.

3. You just understand each other

Do you know two people who pronounce the sentences to each other? Some people call this spending too much time together, but I call it a soulmate connection. The two souls are just too similar to think and pronounce the same thing. And that's something that also makes that connection deeper. You may experience this with your best friend or mother, but it is the tell-tale mark of a soulmate when you experience it with your partner.

4. You fall in love with his (or her) flaws

No relationship is perfect, and even soulmate relationships will have ups and downs. However, it will be much more difficult to break that bond. Soulmates find it easier to accept each other's imperfections, and even to learn to love. Your relationship will be more of a soul mate if you both love each other exactly for who you are, and accept both the great tendencies and the terrible tendencies we all have.

5. It's intense

A soulmate relationship can be more intense than normal relationships, in both good and sometimes bad ways. The most important thing is that even during negative episodes, you can focus on solving the problem and look past the bad moment. If you both notice that something or someone is having a bad effect on you and your relationship, work on avoiding those people. Or, if you find yourself arguing over and over again about something, they will find a solution that will please both of you.

6. You both against the world

Soulmates often see their relationship as "us versus the world". They feel so connected that they are ready and willing to accept any exploit in life as long as they have their soulmate by their side. Soulmate relationships are mostly based on compromise and unity. You get an indescribable energy and security when you know that they can rely on each other and with that they are ready to conquer the whole world.

7. You are spiritually inseparable

Soulmates often have a mental connection similar to that of twins. You could take the phone to call each other at the same time. Although life can keep you apart at times, your minds will always be in sync when you are soul mates. All day long you only think about your partner and what he is doing right now and you can't wait for him to come home and that the two of you can do something together.

8. You feel safe and protected

Regardless of your partner's gender, he or she should always make you feel safe and secure. That means, if you are a man, yes, your wife should protect you too! Your soulmate will make you feel like you have a guardian angel by your side. A person who plays with your insecurities, consciously or unconsciously, is not your soulmate.

9. You cannot imagine your life without him (or her)

A soulmate is not someone to turn away from easily. It's someone you can't imagine being without them, someone who you believe is worth staying with and fighting for. The presence of your soulmate never bothers you, regardless of whether you are together for 24 hours. You can never get enough of your soulmate, no matter how many years you've been together.

10. You look each other in the eye

Soulmates have a tendency to look each other in the eye when they talk more often than ordinary couples. It arises naturally from the deep connection between them. Looking into a person's eyes while they are speaking means a high level of comfort and confidence.

Whether you are conceived by the universe as soul mates or as two loving people who have come to terms with the strengths and weaknesses of the other, the decision is yours. The beauty of free will is that you can stay in any relationship or change them as you see fit. Being with one's soulmate is one of life's precious treasures. And when you feel that you have found the other half of your heart, I wish you endless days of joy and laughter and countless nights of deep embraces in which you will unravel the secrets of the universe one by one.

“When you meet this person, a person, one of your soul mates. Let the connection. The relationship. To be what it is. It can be five minutes, five hours, five days, five months, five years, a lifetime, five lifetimes. Let it manifest as it should be. It has an inner purpose. So it stays or it goes away. You will be softer. Because you were genuinely loved that. Souls come into play. Go back. Open up and move through your life for a variety of reasons. Let them be as they are and what they are supposed to be.

How do you find your soulmate?

Enjoy being single

It may seem illogical, but it is important that you are happy and confident as an individual before you are ready to find your soulmate. Relationships will last longer when both partners are healthy, stable, and confident. If you want to find your soulmate - and if you want your ideal partner to be equally attracted to you - you need to know who you are, what you want, and who you are. Some ways for you to enjoy time with yourself include:

1. Find interesting hobbies to try out
2. Value your friendships and your family
3. Pursue an interesting, stable career path
4. Practice being confident and strong
5. Keep a journal to focus and remind yourself how far you have come

Maintain desirable traits in yourself

Make a list of qualities you enjoy in a partner. You may be drawn to a good sense of humor or a nice smile. Maybe you like someone who is athletic and who plays sports, or maybe you are attracted to someone who enjoys reading novels. No matter what the quality is, think about how you might be able to embody that quality yourself. If you work on yourself this way, you may find someone who shares your interests and desires. Plus, if you don't meet your soulmate this way, you will still have improved and learned new skills.

Keep an open mind

Studies show that people are not always able to predict the traits they are most attracted to. If you make a list of desirable traits, it is very likely that you are attracted to a person in real life who has very different traits. It's okay to have a few relationship deal breakers when trying to find your ideal partner: however, let your instincts guide you more than a list of pros and cons. You might be surprised by the wonderful person you meet.

Stay away from attached people

When you meet a wonderful person who is in a relationship with someone else, resist the urge to have an affair with him or her. Most relationships that started with an act of infidelity don't last long. They are rooted in scarcity and wanting what one cannot have more than true affection. Wait until your ideal partner has been single for a while before chasing him or her to make sure your relationship has a chance of battle.

Develop your social network

The more interesting your friends are, the more interesting you will meet strangers through them. Expand your social network to expand your dating pool. Find friendships and close acquaintances if you want to meet new, promising people. Some great ways to meet like-minded people are:

1. Join a meeting group
2. Engage in hobbies
3. Volunteering for a cause that is important to you
4. Joining an alumni organization
5. Maintain the friendships and acquaintances you have: invite friends over for dinner, have a few parties, or schedule happy hour.

Be polite

Smiling will help make new acquaintances feel more comfortable around you. If you want to encourage someone to open up, keep your body language open and act kindly. Flirting some lightly with someone who attracts you is also a great way to see if they are attracted to you, too.

Say yes to blind dates

Your friends know who you are and what you like. Let their instincts guide you if they think you are a good partner for someone they know. Not all blind dates are successful, but some certainly are. Don't shut yourself down to opportunities to meet new, interesting people.

Know how people flirt

There are numerous ways to flirt. In general, however, the most successful flirters tend to be more respectful, free, expressive, and use friendly body language. People who use closed body language, teasing, or self-humiliation to flirt tend to be less successful. Look for the following traits if you are trying to flirt or are able to recognize flirting in others.

Keep your online dating profile honest but secretive

Many people find their soul mates through online dating. However, it can be a difficult world to find your way around. Users report that they are more successful if they keep their dating profiles honest but short. When other users read your profile, there's a bit of a puzzle: don't show your hand right away. Use the data to get to know you: don't let the profile do all the work for you.

Meet people in heartbreaking places

People are more likely to be attracted to someone else when they are in a situation of arousal. Having a fast heartbeat, sweating, and experiencing extreme emotions can make someone more prone to feelings of sexual attraction and sympathy.

Listen to your instincts

Studies show that instinctive responses to another person are important predictors of overall relationship success. Don't try to talk yourself out of your initial instincts about a person. When you feel good about him or her, pursue the relationship. If you're feeling uncomfortable or anxious about the relationship - even if everything looks fine on paper - you may want to consider finding someone else.

Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good

Often times, perfection in a loved one doesn't happen immediately: it takes time. If someone looks like a good fit but has some slight imperfections, then try to look at the bigger picture. Perfect love can happen between two imperfect people.

Develop a strong friendship

When you find a potential partner, focus on building a strong friendship with him or her. Do fun activities together, talk to each other about your goals in life, get to know each other's interests and support each other. Couples who value each other's friendship are more successful, romantic, and loving in the long run. Those who make friends will find that they are more romantic with each other too (even the sex is better!)

Work on the relationship

Even when you meet someone who seems ideal to you, you both have to work hard to strengthen and expand your relationship to last. This means that you have to resolve disagreements, accept each other's annoying habits, and forgive each other.