What is expected of a senior developer

What is a “junior developer” and what should it be able to do?

What actually defines a “junior” developer? Is it the experience that a developer brings with him. Does age automatically make you a “senior”? Is a lower wage an indicator of a “junior developer”? The question asked above is apparently not that easy to answer? So what is the descriptive profile of a junior developer? This article will delve into this difficult question in more detail.


The expectations of a junior are generally not the same as those of a senior developer. But does that mean that they should only take on simple bug-fixing activities? Not quite! Junior developers are also used for complex IT projects, only that these are often accompanied by a senior developer. Of course, senior developers can usually identify problems more quickly through their experience, but juniors often show just as good a feeling for problems and their resolution, even if it can take a little longer.

Commitment and inventiveness

Junior developers tend to need more attention, but does that mean you need more instruction? Good people you want to hire usually find a way to get their jobs done without being constantly asked to do so. Junior developers often have a huge amount of ingenuity, especially if they don't have all the answers. Since they often have more time to program, junior programmers can often complete more stories in one sprint than seniors.

If you are looking for junior developers, you should look out for two qualities. First of all, the candidate has to be aware that he has a lot to learn, but more importantly it is to have a great enthusiasm for the learning itself. The best young candidates proactively seek feedback and advice on their learning journey. They like to communicate their work or project status and know when to ask for more work.


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