Why is Dragon Ball Z so popular

12 Amazing Facts About The Manga Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese manga series and was released in 1984. The anime premiered in Germany in 1999. Because the series is so popular, there are four television series, 18 feature films and a variety of video games. Many facts have accumulated over time. We have selected the best facts about the manga Dragon Ball and you can see them here.

12. Piccolo

Akira Toriyama is the creator of Dragon Ball and his favorite character is not Goku, but Piccolo. He especially enjoys painting it.

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11. Vegeta and Goku

Vegeta usually calls Goku by his native name "Kakarot". However, there are occasions when Vegeta uses the nickname. However, this only happened 8 times. The name kakrot is derived from carrot.

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10. Crazy fact

Hitler even got a guest role in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.
“Blonde hair, blue eyes and super strong ?! I should hire her! "

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9. Why is a Super Saiyan blonde?

The transformation is legendary, but why does the hair turn blonde? There is a practical reason behind this. In the manga, the hair is black in the normal shape and white in the transformation (only the border is painted). So you can see the difference faster.

8. The space of mind and time

In this unusual room, time passes much more slowly than in real life. One year in the chamber is roughly equivalent to one day outside the chamber.

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7. Bulma

The name Bulma means underpants. That's why she is often portrayed in a very sexualized way in the manga.

6. Son Goku versus Freezer

The legendary fight between the serious enemies lasted about 3.5 hours. This skirmish is one of the longest duels in anime history.

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5. Saiyan

The word Saiyan is a play on words and means the vegetable people. Saiya actually stands for “Yasai”, the Japanese word for vegetables, and and Jin means people.

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4. The snake path

This path leads to Master Kaio's planet. The snake is approximately 1,000,000 km long and if you fall off the path you will fall straight into hell. In the past million years, only one person has made it to the planet and that is Goku.

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3. Should Gohan replace Goku?

Gohan was to become one of the main roles in Dragon Ball. The inventor and fans liked Goku so much that the plan fell apart, however.

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2. Kamehameha

This move was made famous by Goku. He used it 97 times during the entire Dragon Ball Z season.

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1. The Japanese government did what?

Japanese citizens are such big fans of Dragon Ball that the government sponsored the movie Battle of the Gods with $ 600,000!

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