Where do cops make the most money?

What police officers earn

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You should ensure law and order - and receive a salary with substantial allowances.

As an executive body, the police are responsible for maintaining public order, peace and security. The activities of police officers include traffic services, assistance, information and advisory activities, security services at demonstrations and major events or operations in the event of break-ins or other attacks. In the course of traffic monitoring, they punish violations, record accidents, direct traffic when there is a particularly high volume of traffic and remove obstacles. They accompany state visits and government members as well as heavy transports.
In agreement with the criminal investigation department, they take part in searches and investigations. After several years of professional experience and special training, there is the possibility of working as a full-time criminal investigator. Depending on their specialization and department, police officers can work in various specialist areas, such as the Autobahn Police, the Alpine Task Force, the Police Dog Service or the Cobra Task Force.

Discreet and fit

The working hours are set by a fixed service bike, on special occasions there may also be 28-hour service. The physically and mentally extremely strenuous work requires a high level of commitment, physical fitness, good communication skills, good knowledge of human nature, discretion and an honest demeanor. Road work in particular can often be dangerous, as the police never know what exactly to expect in the event of an emergency call. A good police officer is characterized by a defensive and de-escalating character. An impeccable certificate of good repute is mandatory.

Further requirements for taking up the profession are Austrian citizenship, completed military or community service, a driver's license and successful completion of the aptitude test. This mainly tests physical fitness and intellectual abilities.

Training at the police school takes place in ten training centers across Austria and lasts two years. Until 2012, the age limit for applications was 30 years, the height of men had to be 168 cm, for women 163 cm. These barriers have now fallen.

Up to 65,000 euros per year

After several years at a police station, there is the possibility of advancing to middle management management or further completing the "Police Leadership" course at the Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences.

Stable employment prospects can be expected in the area of ​​public safety. The increasing outsourcing of security tasks from the police force and the increased demand for security services have led to an increase in employment in private security and guard services.
Police students receive a salary of 23,660 euros. In the second year of training, salaries of 28,000 euros including allowances can be achieved. The starting salary of an inspector is around 29,400 euros. In addition, allowances are paid for dangerous work, work on Sundays and public holidays as well as night shifts. After 6 years of service, it is possible to advance to the position of Revierinspektor, which increases the salary to at least 32,200 euros. On average, the salary of a patrol officer with several years of experience is around 40,000 euros gross per year, with allowances it can rise to 65,000 euros. After a total of 21 years of service, police officers can be promoted to group inspectors with a minimum salary of EUR 43,400 plus allowances. The top salaries of senior officers are in the region of 100,000 euros. (7/30/2019)

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