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Business in the pandemic

by Dr. Christian Musewald • Oct 01, 2020

Business in the pandemic Find and shape your new normal with the focus on your own core competencies and the importance of your company for your industry. From Dr. Christian Musewald, CEO of CuriousMinds Since the coronavirus pandemic began, I've been busy talking to executives from large corporations, small startups, nonprofits, sole proprietorships, friends, relatives and so many professionals in so many walks of life. They all have the same question: what do we do now? A global pandemic and economic downturn left many speechless, many without work, and several companies closed their doors after decades (some even over a century), all seemingly overnight. Those who stayed open, or the key contributors, are all wondering what's next and, more importantly, what we can know for sure. Certainties in an Uncertain World The answers I have given people have really helped. So I've decided to dig deep into some of this advice and share what will help any individual and organization that has tried to put back the broken glass that was once a booming stock market and economy at the start of this incredible year. What I discovered is that during this time of great uncertainty you have more control than you realize. So let's focus on the certainty and start by asking ourselves, "What are we sure about?" We can actually be sure about a lot! An anticipatory businessman knows that the term "certainty" is a core element of hard trends methodology, where we use hard trends or future certainties that we know will occur to problems we will face to resolve in advance before they occur. Sounds complicated, but it's relatively easy. One great certainty of which we are all sure is that this pandemic will end regardless of when it breaks out. We're going to get a vaccine, and life will slowly move back to a world without social distancing and masks. But in the meantime, an equally important certainty that all organizations must acknowledge is that we are all going through this together. Nobody necessarily enjoys the pandemic; we all suffer in one way or another. So what options are there for you and your organization to get a grip on the certainty that we are all going through this pandemic together for the time being? Putting Meaning and Core Skill above Success In previous articles, I've discussed the importance of shifting your focus from success to meaning in order to unlock new, profound opportunities in your industry and beyond. This method is more applicable today than ever. Before COVID-19, many of the companies I spoke to focused on being a successful company with a strong bottom line, especially in a thriving economy. To tell the truth, we all focus on being successful in everything we do; however, it is often overlooked that success is all about us. It's all about our company, our organization, our team, how much money you make, the awards on our wall: all these things that show our personal and organizational success. COVID-19 has leveled the playing field in many ways. Suddenly none of us, be it a DAX company or a small startup, could work successfully in the same way. Many lost money because they had to close their doors, e.g. bars and restaurants, and others were affected by their customers closing because they were not considered relevant in the first few days of the lockdown. Be that as it may, the status quo has been remarkably disrupted. How do you feel successful when we have been deprived of many professional amenities and we are working with an emergency crew? By moving from focusing on success to meaning to take control of the new normal we are moving into. Meaning has nothing to do with you; Meaning has to do with all of the people you help and all of the people you serve. If you manage to increase your importance as an individual, leader or organization, success will follow as a by-product and you will reach unimagined heights that were never thought possible before. To tell the truth, we all now have tremendous opportunities with the new normal that the world is moving towards. We are in the transition from "I can sell you this" to "What do you need?" New normal and beyond ask yourself the question: If your business, organization or career ended tomorrow as abruptly as the world was shut down at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, then what would you be remembered for: how much Success Did you have or what significant impact did you have when the world needed it most? In traditional times, the pursuit of meaning is much more enduring than the pursuit of success, and now even more so in this new normal. You can control your new normal with a shift in focus from success to meaning. Think of the coming new normal as a fresh start. In many ways, the world has pressed the reset button even though tough trends are still prevalent, and a forward-thinking mindset goes a long way in being mindful of those future certainties that will change the world in new ways in the months ahead and into the year ahead will affect. We help you with your strategic and technological tasks Call us on +49 89 30642847 or ... Mail us CuriousMinds strategic and technical management consultancy Munich, Bavaria, Germany Management consultancy, consulting, strategy, interim management, innovation, training , Technology, science, analysis, research, development, production, quality, liquidity, risk assessment, leadership, customer care, organization, corporate culture, personnel development, processes, procurement