What causes painful pimples in the nose

Pimples and blackheads on the face can be quite painful and mostly occur in the T-zone. So on the forehead, chin or nose. Sometimes blemishes appear elsewhere on the face, such as the pimples on the nose. Not only are the pimples annoying, they can also be painful.

How do pimples develop in the nose?

The causes of pimples in the nose are hardly different from pimples on other parts of the body. How do pimples develop? Pus pimples are caused by an overproduction of sebum. As soon as the Sebum production increased becomes, clog the sebum glands. If bacteria get into the pores, pimples develop, which can then be very painful. Because on the surface of our skin can become Dirt and bacteria that accumulate in the end the Inflammation on the skin cause. Also the Hormonal balance is not entirely innocent, just like that genetic predisposition. Unhealthy diet could also help to promote the development of pimples. How exactly do pimples develop in the nose?

  1. Pimples in the nose are caused by dirt on your finger when you put it in your nose.
  2. A The common cold puts a strain on the nasal mucous membranesso that the mucous membranes in the nose dry out. This makes it easier for pimples to develop in the nose.
  3. Ingrown nasal hairs or herpes can lead to painful areas in the nose.

Pimples on the nose: proper treatment is important

Before treating your nose pimple, it's important to find out if it really is a nasal pimple or if it is one Nasal herpes or Nasal furuncle is. Because these three types of skin blemishes are often confused with one another in the nose. So it is important to know the differences between all three types:

Boils in the nose: The cause of a boil in the nose is usually one inflamed hair root. The area around the hair follicle is initially red and can swell up to a pus pimple two centimeters in size. A large red lump develops in the nose, which can also be extremely painful. With a nasal furuncle, only treatment with a doctor can help. Please do not try anything yourself! Neither piercing nor expressing the nasal furuncle is useful. A nasal furuncle can only with antibiotics be treated.

Nasal herpes: The symptoms of nasal herpes are very clear: The place of herpes in the nose usually begins with a tingle and goes over to one itching to an unpleasant one Burn. Some notice correctly how the herpes throbbing and burning. Herpes creates small blisters that fill with clear fluid. These Cold sore are very sensitive to pain and should never be touched with your fingers.

Pimples on the nose: Whether it is really a pimple in the nose can be seen by the reddened pus pimple. A reddened area with a white point in the middle. Again, every touch hurts. Again, it doesn't make sense to use your fingers to pinch the pus in your nose. It is much more important to keep the nasal mucous membranes moist, for example with a steam bath. The pimple in the nose usually goes away on its own.

This helps against pimples in the nose

The skin irritation in the nose should never expressed become. Pricking pimples is just as pointless and even dangerous. Because the inflamed area of ​​skin in the nose carries bacteria in the blood, the one cause further infection can. So, squeezing pimples can only make it worse. So it is much more important to use the pimple in your nose Home remedies and tips to relieve skin irritation to treat.

  1. Steam bath:So combats pimples and blackheads directly at the cause. If you have a pimple on your nose, it's important to keep your nasal mucous membranes moist. A steam bath is very suitable for this. Preferably with chamomile. Because the Chamomile flower has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the irritated skin in the nose. About two liters of hot water and two bags of chamomile tea are enough for this. Let the chamomile tea bags sit for five minutes and hold your head over the chamomile steam bath and inhale the warm air under a towel.
  2. Tea tree oil: Fight pimples and blemishes effectively? The tea tree oil manages this thanks to its ingredients. Tea tree oil has a magical effect through its antiseptic effect on all blemishes and effectively fights bacteriathat have lodged in the pimple in the nose.
  3. Sea water nasal spray: The nasal spray helps in a simple way, without much effort Moisten the nasal mucosa and supports the healing of pimples in the nose.

How can I prevent pimples in the nose?

There are a few factors that can promote the development of pimples in the nose:

  • On healthy eating put: Sugary, fatty foods favor pimples.
  • avoid stress: Stress hormones such as adrenaline trigger increased sebum production.
  • Brush your nose with Handkerchief: So you can gently blow your nose without picking your nose.
  • Nose picking Avoid: The finger in the nose irritates the mucous membranes and injures your nose.
  • Not with dirtyHands and fingers Put it in the face: As soon as bacteria get on the skin, they can get into the pores and cause inflammation.
  • Nasal mucosa wet hold!

If the pimple in the nose does not want to go away after a long time, it is advisable to consult a doctor. A professional doctor can diagnose the right treatment for you and help remove the impurities and bacteria for good.

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