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Which breed of dog suits your zodiac sign best?

Just as every zodiac sign has certain character traits, dog breeds can of course also be assigned to certain traits. Hobby astrologer and dog connoisseur Josina from the DeineTierwelt editorial team analyzed which dog goes with which zodiac sign.

Star sign: Aquarius, Dog breed: Chihuahua

Aquarians are often dismissed as weirdos and underestimated. Because people with the zodiac sign Aquarius deviate from the mainstream, appreciate the unusual, despise conservative and consider themselves original. They are real visionaries, always looking for improvements and always looking to the future. Just like Chihuahuas, they are very intelligent and companionable. And I can very well imagine a Chihuahua in the purse of an Aquarius - after all, the Aquarius doesn't give a mocking grin, likes the bizarre and certainly feels very attached to the small but clever Chihuahua, who is often smiled at.

Star sign: fishes, Dog breed: Greyhound

Pisces are considered to be particularly sensitive - both as an animal species and as a zodiac sign. If they sense danger, they dive down in a flash. Their agile bodies make it possible. This behavior is reminiscent of the greyhound: He is also particularly sensitive, is suspicious of strangers and reticent. If it becomes too much for him, he is gone quickly, his slim body allows him to travel at high speeds. At the same time, however, both fish and greyhounds appreciate society, even if you don't necessarily notice it due to their outward reserve. Both Pisces zodiac signs and greyhounds are not only sensitive, but also particularly empathic.

Star sign: Aries, Dog breed: Golden retriever

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac and are born in spring. Just like the unspent, blossoming season, they are playful, carefree, mostly in a good mood, people-friendly and slightly naive. That reminds of the Golden Retriever - the always happy family dog. Goldies get along with almost everyone and, unlike many other dog breeds, also like children.

Star sign: bull, Dog breed: dachshund

Bulls are known for their stubbornness and idiosyncrasy - this is also known to be said of a dachshund. Just like bulls, Dachshunds are passionate, confident, and love the outdoors. After all, dachshunds are still kept as hunting dogs. The short-legged dogs show their opinion quite clearly and like to walk their heads through the wall ... just like bulls. Dachshunds and bulls are both loners. Fits right?

Star sign: Twins, Dog breed: Jack Russell

Gemini - the party star sign in the zodiac. You prefer to be always on the go, among people and in action. They find it difficult to sit still, fun comes first. You are always looking for adventure and a real bundle of energy - just like Jack Russell Terriers. They are often too strenuous for quieter people, but they are perfect companions for twins. Jack Russell are mostly in a good mood, need a lot of activity and never get tired. Twin humans and Jack Russell Terriers can really let off steam together.

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Star sign: cancer, Dog breed: French bulldog

With their beefy, muscular build, French Bulldogs don't seem as cuddly and playful as they are. In addition, many still have in mind the image of the aggressive hunt dog that the English bred the bulldog to be. But this hard shell has a very soft core - just like people with the zodiac sign Cancer: Outwardly they often look cold, but in truth they are extremely soulful and friendly.

Star sign: lion, Dog breed: Shih Tzu

Lions are considered to be particularly proud animals - and zodiac signs. You like to be in the spotlight, brimming with confidence, and want admiration. If the Leo does not appear too arrogant, he is considered to be particularly attractive to people, as he knows how to wrap them around his finger. He likes to make himself comfortable and rest on his confidence. However, if he feels injustice, he intervenes courageously and fearlessly. The lion's canine twin is the Shih Tzu. Translated from Tibetan, the name even means “lion” or “lion dog”.

Star sign: Virgin, Dog breed: Sheepdog

Virgos are considered extremely correct and in need of security. Your apartment is tidy, your life is well organized and your finances are secure. The Virgo is always on guard and has everything under control. This is reminiscent of the German shepherd, the shepherd dog par excellence - nothing escapes his watchful eye and analytical mind. The top priority for him is that he and his pack are safe. The same is said of virgins.

Star sign: Libra, Dog breed: poodle

The planet of Libra is Venus - the planet of beauty. Libra has a keen sense of aesthetics. People with this zodiac sign represent beauty. They take care of each other and also demand the same of their counterparts. A dog that stands for elegance and luxury is a perfect match for them. What breed of dog does this remind us of? Exactly: the poodle. Royal poodles in particular are considered vain, some even react sensitively when you touch their crown. They stand out due to their proud walk and their neatness. Of course, their owners take care of this - which is why the poodle goes particularly well with the scale.

Star sign: Scorpio, Dog breed: Chow Chow

If you are not careful, the Scorpio stings with its poisonous sting ... Yes, the Scorpio is indeed the most difficult sign of the zodiac: They are headstrong, real individualists, they are strict and nothing escapes their attentive gaze. If they feel threatened, extend their sting. Chow Chows are also considered headstrong, independent, not submissive and appear reserved. A Chow Chow needs a good education, they tend to be aggressive in arguments. Just like Scorpio people, Chow Chows are very loyal and honest - and ready to fight when they observe injustice.

Star sign: Sagittarius, Dog breed: beagle

Sagittarians are particularly freedom-loving, they may not be locked up at all. They are said to be not loyal and always on the hunt. He is considered an adventurer and he is drawn into the big, wide world. Often they are real natural bushes and everyday office life is not for them. Somehow fits the Beagle. The beagle is a hunting dog, needs a lot of freedom and has a great thirst for discovery.

Star sign: Capricorn, Dog breed: Border collie

Capricorns are the career people in the zodiac: they are inquisitive, intelligent, hardworking, ambitious and do not rest until they have achieved their goal. It is similar with Border Collies: They are considered the most intelligent breed of dog in the world and are still used as herding and working dogs to this day. The Border Collie needs constant activity and likes to learn tricks. Owners have to make sure that the dog gets enough rest, because he wants to continue playing when he is actually already exhausted. Fits Capricorn - the burnout candidate among the zodiac signs.