Male webcam models make money

Earn money as a webcam model

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    Find a company that recruits independent workers. It takes a percentage of the money, but they (at least most of them) do something for it, such as promoting the models within the site, technical support, training, and filing copyright lawsuits if any of the material gets on the internet. Some studios even sponsor the models' equipment for their work from home. Models who work in the studio benefit from professional equipment such as an HD camera (good webcams cost over € 100 if the model has to buy them themselves), studio lighting, etc.

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    Pay close attention to how much the studio is paying. There are numerous studios that only pay out 30% of your earnings - look for studios that pay at least 40%. Some even pay out 45% of the income. This seems low, but 25-35% is standard in this sector. Most of the income is withheld by the studio to pay marketing and credit card fees.

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    Ask the studios how and when they pay. Nine out of ten studios send a check every two weeks. Some pay daily to a Paypal account. Some agencies (but not many) pay daily, such as Webcam Entertainers (they charge a fee of $ 1.50 per check for this service.)

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    Submit the necessary forms confirming that you can legally work. This data is very important when you work as a webcam model. These documents are usually required in the form of a .jpg image file. Examples of this are a photo ID, a signed model contract and a model order form. These forms are usually provided to you by the studios.

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    Ask the studio for tips and help if you don't know what to do yourself. A good studio gives you everything you need to succeed and provides you with a personal assistant to help you succeed.