Why are people crazy about Apple iPhones

Apple's iPhone: Five Crazy Facts

1. 21 US election campaigns with annual iPhone sales

With annual revenue from worldwide iPhone sales, the US could hold more than 20 presidential elections - even though this year's campaign is one of the most expensive in history.

2. iPhones as a chain: 165 times as long as the former Berlin Wall

If all the iPhones sold in the world were lined up lengthwise, the distance would be almost 27,700 kilometers. The devices, which are only 14.6 centimeters long on average, would be around 165 times as long as the Berlin Wall 30 years ago.

3. Build BER Airport 20 times in one year with iPhone sales

With the global annual turnover, Apple could have built the newly opened capital city airport almost 20 times. While the airport caused 5.98 billion euros in construction costs in 14 years, the iPhone generated twenty times as much sales worldwide in the 2020 financial year alone.

4. iPhones could cover 280 soccer fields each year

Ghost games with a difference: With the area of ​​iPhones sold worldwide from one year, you could completely cover almost 280 football fields.

5. iPhone sales pay for Christmas gifts for all Germans for three years

Santa Claus could pack up and the Germans unpack: The global sales of iPhones would be enough to cover the average gift expenses for every resident in Germany - and that for three Christmas parties in a row.

Calculation bases

To 1: The costs of the 2020 US presidential election amount to a record-breaking EUR 5.62 billion (conversion: November 5th, 2020). Worldwide iPhone sales in fiscal year 2020 were the equivalent of around 116.9 billion euros.

To 2: The long edge (height) of a current iPhone measures 14.6 cm on average. The Berlin Wall was 168 kilometers long.

To 3: From the start of construction in 2006 to the opening in October 2020: The construction history of Berlin's capital city airport ran almost parallel to the success story of the iPhone, which was launched in November 2007. While the former caused 5.98 billion euros in construction costs, the iPhone achieved sales in the same period that put entire economies in the shade.

To 4: A soccer field is usually 105 by 68 meters. Apple sold almost 190 million iPhones worldwide in fiscal 2020. The current iPhone models have an average area of ​​just under 105 square centimeters.

To 5: In 2019, Germans spent an average of 475 euros on Christmas gifts. According to the Federal Statistical Office, Germany has 83.1 million inhabitants.