Do you smile at strangers?

Translation of "you meet strangers" in Polish

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Don't allow that you stranger go
And that's why you are allowed to you stranger Break property?
To never be there ci prawa, by niszczyć cudzą własność, prawda?
I won't allow that you stranger Bring girls to dinner!
I know it seems easy to be the big bad Salvatore, but you'll soon find yourself in the middle of the street, like you stranger pour out your heart because you are in the middle of an existential crisis.
Ostrożnie, Stefan, wiem, ze bycie dużym złym Salvatorem może brzmieć łatwo, ale wkrótce znajdziesz siebie samego leżącego na środku drogi, otwierającego swoje serce do nieznajomego, mającego kryzys egzystencjonalny.
And Hector, we'll see you in front of the 24h store, like you stranger ask to buy you beer?
A ciebie, Hectorze, spotkamy pod sklepem, jak prosisz obcych o kupienie piwa?
You've only lived together for six months and are already asleep you stranger.
Mieszkacie razem dopiero pół roku, a już go zdradzasz?
Well so You meet another one strangers Woman from internet.
Now I am finding out that you stranger Beards tremble?
You don't care if you stranger Destroy happiness?
Help you stranger with the goodness of your heart
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