When was AT T founded


The cell phone company AT&T is one of the largest on the market in the USA and it actually comes from Dallas, Texas. The abbreviation AT&T stands for "American Telephone and Telegraph Company". The company was founded in 1885 by none other than Alexander Graham Bell, who is now considered one of the inventors of the telephone and especially the first to capitalize on it - and rightly so. His company is not only considered the top dog today, it was back then.

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The AT&T success story.

AT&T has a decisive advantage over its competitors right from the start. They were the first to hit the market and had the one in their own line who invented the market. The company takes care of the mediation of the discussions. This made AT&T the mother of all telephone companies. A good 10 years after it was founded, the industry exploded and telephoning became incredibly popular around 1900. As a result, more and more telephone companies were founded. 6,000 companies of this type have already been there. The number of connections has also grown to more than three million within a few years. This resulted in a huge fortune for Bell, because everyone uses Bell's patents and technology. AT&T still had a telephone monopoly.

Over time, however, the situation and structure at AT&T became more and more confusing. Customers from all over the world wanted to phone over the giant. AT&T initially decided to concentrate on the US market. It is still like that today. In addition to long-distance calls from states to other countries, AT&T earned a lot in addition, here too they enjoyed a monopoly position that is unparalleled. In 1927, a three-minute long distance call between the United States and London cost as much as $ 75.

The dark side of AT & T's monopoly.

Due to its monopoly in almost all areas of the mobile communications industry, AT&T was confronted with many monopoly proceedings and government regulations. As early as the mid-1950s, the company was forced to voluntarily restrict itself to the American market. But that didn't help, as AT & T's market share was still a whopping 90 percent. Therefore, in 1974, the U.S. Department of Justice filed another antitrust case against AT&T. That should finally destroy the monopoly of the giant. AT&T made a commitment to its subsidiaries, which operated the local switching services, in 1974 by the U.S. Department of Justice filed antitrust case against AT&T. The remnants of the telephone monopoly existed until the final agreement on January 8, 1982, when AT&T agreed to sell its subsidiaries, which operated the local switching services.

Two years later, AT&T split again. A company for long-distance calls and seven regional providers, the so-called "Baby Bells", were created.

The position of AT&T today.

The big star in the cellphone sky quickly went out. After AT&T had split up several times, the company hived off the network technology division in 1996. Most recently, AT&T was only the fourth largest telephone company in the United States.

AT & T's headquarters are still in Dallas, Texas today.