Diabetes can cause female itching

How diabetes can affect the sex lives of men and women

It's not sterile down there - and that's a good thing. The bladder, vagina, penis and anus are densely populated with bacteria. In healthy cases, they form the protective shield of the intimate area that keeps other intruders away. The immune function is often disturbed in diabetics - they belong to the risk group for fungal infections and bladder infections. "The older the patients are, the more sensitive their intestinal and vaginal flora are," says Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns.

High blood sugar levels increase the amount of glucose excreted in the urine. New drugs such as GLP1 analogues also increase the sugar level in the urine. It is known to be warm and, together with the glucose, an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. "Because of the reduced immune defense, bacteria from the intestinal area penetrate the urethra more easily and cause cystitis", explains the specialist in urology and andrology, Kirschner-Hermanns. Women are mostly affected, but men with diabetes are also at increased risk of inflammation of the epididymis, glans, prostate and bladder.

Cramps, constant need to urinate, blood in the urine - a cystitis is usually very painful. However, the infection does not have to cause pain in diabetics who suffer from nerve disorders. Therefore, it is more difficult to diagnose. The fastest way to achieve therapy is with an antibiotic. The symptoms subside just five hours after the first dose.

"Antibiotics are usually administered too quickly and too frequently," says Kirschner-Hermanns. Above all, older patients who are already stressed due to the changed hormone balance, diabetes or bladder weakness develop resistance. "The tendency to recurring urinary tract infections is increasing - a vicious circle," said the urologist from Bonn.

The causes should be investigated through a urine culture and herbal therapies should be considered. Also one Vaccination against cystitis has been on the market for several years.