What notoriety does not deserve its fame

10 celebs who hate being famous

Constantly signing autographs, being recognized everywhere, always having to smile in a friendly manner: These ten stars have had enough of their fame and would rather be completely normal again.

Many people dream of being famous one day. Numerous fans, money in abundance - one is not always aware that life in the spotlight also demands a lot of sacrifices. Private life is gleefully spread in the gossip magazines, you are watched at every turn and you should never be unfriendly again. This can get really tedious over time. In any case, these stars have had enough of their celebrity lives and would rather be unknown again.

The actor rose to fame overnight with his role as Edward Cullen in "Twilight". Millions of girls' hearts flew to him. But the sudden fame wasn't to his taste, now he even hates his role as a sensitive vampire.

Actress colleague Kristen Stewart, who embodied the brave Bella in "Twilight", cannot make friends with her fame either. In an interview, she described the fame that Hollywood brings with it as the worst in the world. There is no clearer way of expressing your dislike.

The British actress made her first big appearance in "Pride and Prejudice". But she couldn't cope with the fame that followed. She always felt extremely uncomfortable in public. "I hated all of it," she said.

Mulligan was never comfortable in public
Isabel Infantes / PA / picturedesk.com

She even received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role in "Raum". Even if the trophies sparkle nicely, Larson was less able to cope with the glittering world of Hollywood. Friends Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone were there to help.

The actress also suffers from her fame. In an interview, she said: "No guy ever asks me if I want to go out with him. I'm lonely on Saturday nights. Men treat me badly."