Hire Amazon Engineering remote workers

Mobile working and learning

Direct Interactions, a leader in work-at-home contact centers, relies on Amazon Connect to route calls to their remote employees. Jonas Nicholson, CEO of Direct Interactions, said that "If working from home is the only option, Amazon Connect will work even if the kids are playing or streaming Netflix on the same home network. Our previous providers used a licensing model, that kept our team from making our agents work fewer hours. Amazon Connect's pay-as-you-go pricing allows us to add new agents by simply creating new users in the Amazon Connect console, and it helps us save money.

With Amazon Connect, the hardest part of introducing new agents is the customer's content, and system training takes less than 20 minutes. Our agents have found Amazon Connect to be extremely easy to use and enable them to be productive in their home environment. Amazon Connect is the best that could have happened to our company. Our agents are happier with the flexibility of their jobs, we're happy to give our agents the opportunity to feel comfortable in their work environment, and we've seen a dramatic decrease in agent churn.