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Lenovo: Allegedly moving production back to Taiwan

China and quality? In the eyes of many people in western countries, it used to be hard to reconcile this, China had a very bad reputation for a long time. Only in the last few years has this negative reputation improved at least a little, after all, the vast majority of end customer products now come from China, especially in the technology sector.

In this case, China actually seems to live up to its bad reputation, at least if you believe the Taiwanese industry service DigiTimes. According to DigiTimes, the world's largest PC manufacturer Lenovo is said to have burned its fingers on the suppliers from mainland China and has now initiated a large-scale relocation of production back to Taiwan.

For some time now, Lenovo has been purchasing more and more parts from Chinese component manufacturers; according to DigiTimes, Lenovo made this decision to save costs. However, it has now turned out that exactly the opposite is the case: Taiwanese manufacturers produce more cheaply than manufacturers in the People's Republic. But not only that: Due to their greater experience, the Taiwanese manufacturers not only have significantly larger capacities, which better guarantees a sufficient supply of parts, the manufacturers in Taiwan simply deliver better quality.

According to DigiTimes, Lenovo, although the largest manufacturer but working relatively unprofitably compared to the competition, has recently increasingly tried to convince with high-end devices such as ultrabooks and gaming notebooks, which also offer a higher margin. It just turned out, however, that the Chinese manufacturers simply do not consistently deliver the quality required for this market segment.

Lenovo recently had to hand over its market leadership in the German PC market to HP.


via: https://www.channelbiz.de/2016/08/26/produktionsfehlentendung-lenovo-ordert-wieder-in-taiwan/

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