Which newspapers do you read regularly?

Compared to the previous year, the newspapers gain more than three million additional readers per week. The increase is due to increased digital use: while 56 percent of the population regularly read the printed newspaper (39.6 million readers per issue), the digital reach climbs to 63.4 percent or 44.8 million users per week. Overall, the newspaper brands reach more than eight out of ten Germans aged 14 and over.

This is shown by an evaluation of the current market media study best for planning (b4p 2020 I) by the ZMG newspaper market research company. For the calculation of this total net reach, each reader only counts once, regardless of how often or via which channel they use the newspaper. In fact, many now combine printed and digital reading: nationwide, the evaluated newspapers have 41 percent users who read both a print and a digital edition every week.

Younger target groups are reached through digital offers

Especially among the younger target groups under 30 years of age, newspapers are gaining new readers via the digital route - 5.8 million in comparison to pure print coverage. The net reach of print and digital in this age group is 76 percent, for 30 to 49 year olds 87.4 percent and 86.4 percent for those over 50.

Especially in the exceptional Corona situation, newspapers have become more important for many citizens. The classification of current events provided by the editors is an important orientation aid for 86 percent of newspaper readers, as confirmed by a ZMG survey carried out on behalf of the BDZV among more than 4,000 readers.


A total of 30,469 people were interviewed for the 2020 b4p study. It is representative of the German-speaking resident population aged 14 and over.