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Author Emilia Fuchs on life & writing in Scotland

Today for the first time have a guest on my blog. Emilia Fuchs emigrated to Scotland over a year ago and tells us what inspires her in particular, what her everyday life looks like and what you have to consider when emigrating. She also has a few insider tips for a visit to Edinburgh with her.

The novel is set in Paris, the city of love.

Emilia Fuchs is the author of the One Year Series. These are two touching New Adult books, both of which have a self-contained ending and can therefore also be read individually.

So, enough of the introductory round, now the interview begins.


Hello Emilia! Nice that you are here today. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your novels and how you got into writing.

I was built in 92, quite a bookworm and, like every author, I have the urgent need to put my confusion of thoughts on paper. As a child I never said: I really want to be a writer. Like so much in life, it just happened. But I've definitely always been a creative person. If I had to put a stamp on myself, it would probably say "Girl on the move". I move really often.

I write love stories that always contain a profound subject, such as coping with grief that Eve has to struggle with from my debut novel. It is important to me that my readers can identify with my protagonists. However, especially with my year series, I also wanted to create stories that make you feel like you are daring certain steps and decisions, even if they challenge us or scare us - whether it's moving to a new country or a road trip is. I hope I succeeded.

What I find particularly exciting is that you live and write in Scotland. What is your everyday life like in Scotland?

Totally unspectacular, I would say. My everyday writing only becomes special when I decide to write outside of my apartment. I usually sit in cafes, order a pot of chamomile tea and brood over my script. In rarer cases - and especially when the weather permits - I write outside, sometimes in the car on some cliff, in old castle ruins or on the beach. Everything has happened before. But I prefer cafes because I am immensely fascinated by observing other people.

So far, one of your books is set in France and the other in Sweden. Can we expect a Scotland novel from you in the future?

Emilia chose Sweden as the setting for this novel.

I can answer this question with a very clear yes. I think you would have to be a piece of wood as a writer not to be inspired by Scotland as a setting. 😉

I am currently working on a fantasy project, the story of which is set in a fictional small town in northern Scotland. I'm also writing a fantastic children's book series with a Scottish setting. Since I am now working full-time again, writing is currently taking a little longer.

I think there are a lot of corners in Scotland that make really great postcard motifs and that instantly invite you to daydream. What is it that inspires you in particular about Scotland? Abandoned castles, the people or something completely different?

It's hard to pinpoint anything. Architecture and art have always fascinated and interested me, so I deal a lot with these topics in my research and in my free time. Otherwise, of course, I am also inspired by the people who are simply overwhelming in their diversity and friendliness, and especially Scottish legends and myths, which currently fascinate me.

Has it always been your dream to live in Scotland?

In fact, I've always been a UK girl and wanted to move to the island. However, at the time I thought that I would live in England one day. I hadn't thought of Scotland as a specific move destination before. But now I'm more than happy that life played out like this.

Tell me what you have to consider when moving from Germany to Edinburgh. What can you expect if you emigrate?

Lots of organization and paperwork. First steps: You apply for a so-called National Insurance Number (NIN) and register with the local doctor (GP). You also need a UK bank account and of course a roof over your head. In the best case, of course, a job.

The problem is that you have to provide an address to apply for any formalities (this is called proof of address and only official documents from the city or bank count), but without a bank account and regular income you will not receive a rental agreement and often without a rental agreement and bank account no job.

It's a bit complicated and totally illogical, but otherwise it would be much too easy. 🙂 I was lucky to have a contact here who supported me, but many don't feel that way. Then it gets really difficult. Brexit does the rest ...

My Wee City Love series is set in Edinburgh, so a real dream setting. I fell in love with the city with its beautiful colorful doors on my first visit. Did you feel the same way? So love at first sight? What would you say is the best part about living in Edinburgh?

Yes, it was love at first sight. When I visited the city for the first time, I was immediately enthusiastic and, above all, felt right at home. A second visit followed a few weeks later, before I moved here again a week later. That went really quickly. I think only love gives you such wings.

The best thing about Edinburgh is that it has it all. There are mountains, the sea, urban hustle and bustle, beaches, forests, parks, loads of culture, an old town, great shops, galleries and cafes that only invite you to visit them, and above all, incredibly great people. No other city has inspired and given me so much so far. Only the traffic is terrible, but I ride my bike anyway, so I can cope with that.

In Books’n’Scones, the eponymous book café, where you can of course buy scones, plays a special role. Have you tried scones and was there a Scottish dish that surprised you?

Yes I have. In Stirling, I think. They were very tasty. But I have to say that in cafés I often opt for lemon or carrot cake and cappuccino. But I always drink tea at work and at home.

Do you have a few insider tips that you would like to share with my readers? Restaurants, cafes or places to visit in Edinburgh?

Insider tips, let me think about it ...

There is a parking garage in Newhaven with a great view of the harbor and the Royal Yacht Britannia. Dr. Neil’s Garden is particularly beautiful in summer and the retirees look forward to visitors who eat coffee and homemade cakes there. The toast in Leith, right on the shore, was my favorite café to work with. The food tastes great and the selection of wines is great. The Granary, a pub, is on the same street. There is always great live music there. Otherwise, I recommend the Grassmarket, which not only has great pubs, but also Armstrongs and Sons, a vintage fashion store. The castle is in the immediate vicinity. A visit to the National Museum is always worthwhile. But this is definitely not an insider tip. Otherwise: run! The city is not big and so you can discover the most beautiful and mysterious corners.

Poems’n’Kisses also takes readers to Glasgow and Ullapool. Have you already been to one of the two places?

Poems’n’Kisses is about a poetry slammer who has to make a decision that questions everything her heart believed in for seven years.

Only in Glasgow. There are great buildings in Glasgow, but unfortunately the city has lost not only its wealth but also its appearance over the past few decades. That's a shame. Give Glasgow a chance to get excited, the city takes a bit to warm up. Just last week a book idea there just jumped out of nowhere. I really didn't expect that.

Thank you, dear Emilia, for taking the time for the interview. I wish you every success and inspiration for your upcoming book projects and I hope you will soon have a scone for me. 😉


By the way, Emilia writes about her life in Scotland on her blog. Have a look, it's worth it!

And finally, the question for you: have you ever been to Scotland? Did you like the interview? Would you like to read articles like this more often in the future?

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