High school is like middle school

Student exchange USA: The US high school compared to the school in Germany

Anyone who goes to the US for a year on a student exchange program goes to a high school there. For German students the question arises: How does high school differ from school in Germany? One can compare the high school with the schools in Germany from different points of view.

The grade levels: the formal structure of the high school

In the US, the last few years before the high school diploma are called high school. Depending on the structure of the school career in the respective state, this is different: This can be the last four years, i.e. grades 9 to 12. In schools with the division into senior and junior high school, the high school includes grades 7 to 12 so also our intermediate level.

The Graduation of High School: The High School Diploma

At the end of high school there is a high school diploma, which is an essential requirement for studying in the USA. Since the colleges and universities set their own entry requirements, the high school diploma alone is usually not enough to start your studies. Entrance tests are then also required for this.

The high school in comparison with the school in Germany

High schools in the USA are comprehensive schools with a wide range of student performance. State high schools usually do not achieve the same level of performance as good schools in Germany. This also explains why a high school diploma alone does not directly entitle you to study in Germany.

What makes high schools in the USA attractive to German students?

The high schools in the USA are famous for their "spirit". This is based on the fact that students, teachers and families identify with their school in a very special way. An important aspect is sport and the sport teams that represent the school in competitions with other schools.

The year abroad at a high school in the USA

The most important thing is to experience the culture and the school spirit. The school in Germany is usually more technically demanding. Therefore, it makes no sense to graduate in the USA if you want to study in Germany.